Another dreamer

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Another dreamer

Postby Thelifebeyond » 05 Jul 2017 09:29

I've had a few spontaneous lucid dreams of late. Happens without my trying.

I'm experiencing the vibration associated with WILD, even though I'm not trying to induce lucid dreams.

Not sure of the next steps

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Re: Another dreamer

Postby naturespirit » 08 Jul 2017 21:51

A common technique is DILD:
It involves realizing you dreaming while you are dreaming.
You can assist the probability of this happening by reality checking during the day:

Does text stay still?

Does your hand look normal?

Can you breath if you pinch your nose and shut your mouth?


The other commonly used technique is termed WILD.
This is where the dreamer directly enters the dream from waking lucidly.

If you have progressed to the vibrations, you are on the cusp of the dream. Stay relaxed and either observe your hypnagogia lazily, or visualize.

Alternatively, if you wish to exit your physical body another way, you can imagine a rope, and 'climb' up it, or simply visualize exiting your body.

The vibration is just part of falling asleep, and some don't get it at all! (me)

Dream on!
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