My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter – 53

Changes in the spiritual body

241 . 29th April, 1977. Friday.
Early morning dream: I was living on the top floor of a huge building. Sitting there I was detaching the coir from the coconut. I went on detaching and it was becoming smaller and smaller. I was keeping the coir beside as these would be burnt later on. Then I found a soft kernel and again was detaching it and finally found a very soft thing just like the soft kernel of a coconut. I went on observing it and finally woke up from sleep.

[For a long time after awakening I felt that same changes inside my body had occurred and was passing through a divine joy. It means that my body has become more receptive for new and powerful realizations in future. ]

Confirmation of the spiritual realizations and
austerity within the body

242. 1st June, 1977. Wednesday.
Early morning dream: I saw some gentleman, and it seemed as if they were my students. Amongst them there were some old people. I was explaining to them, who is Preceptor and defined it at the same time. Then I asked them—‘What is God’? I myself answered and then narrated how God is visible. Everything I narrated with great confidence. Then they went away.
While narrating these, it was felt that all these happened in my body, that’s why I could explain these phenomena. After this I woke up from sleep.

[The dream reveals that the seer has gained the power of transmitting the spiritualism in others, though his mind is not accepting this and moreover nothing is giving any impression to his mind. He wants only loneliness.]

Revelation of a huge brain capacity and indication of attainment of Brahmahood or Godhood

243 . 7th June, 1977. Tuesday.
Early morning dream: A huge Hall was visible where many devotees of Jibankrishna were present. Only Arun Ghosh and Dhiren Mondal were remembered.
Then I saw that a huge size green coconut cut on the top was offered to me. I noticed that its size was bigger 2-3 times more than an average. I felt that it was exceptionally sweet to taste as if it was mixed with sugar and a plenty of water. After drinking while I entered the Hall, saw that Mr. Ghosh paid Rs. One and forty paise on account of its cost, although ultimately I paid it from my pocket to Mr. Ghosh and here the dream went off.

[The dream reveals thus: The huge green coconut indicates the braincapacity of the seer which is 2-3 times more powerful than the average people, though in the spiritual world . Drinking the green coconut’s water means the permanent fixation of Brahmagyan or Supreme cult within the seer . The cost is Rupees one and forty paise means attainment of spiritual power by 140 percent, while Jibankrishna used to say, ‘I have attained the spiritual power by 200 per cent’. ]

Revelation of the spiritual condition of a devotee

244. 13th, June. 1977. Monday.
In trance I saw Dhiren Mondal, a devotee with a very young appearance and wearing new clothes .

[The trance revealed that the spiritual condition of Mr. Mondal has become very powerful and new realizations may occur in him with a new spiritual body.]

Attainment of condition with non-attachment
of physical body

245 . 20th June. 1977. Monday.
Early morning dream: A huge building was seen in a big field. Rows of rooms were arranged on the top floors and one room was allotted for me where the cots and beds were ready for me. It seemed that some other persons also used to stay in that room, while those rooms were also allocated for a number of persons . I went out for a walk and when returned found that my bed was missing. Then I cried saying ‘Debasish ! Debasish’! Then I was awakened.

[The dream first reveals that the bed of the seer was missing. Bed signifies the body, this means he is in such a condition, when he has no attachment for his physical body. This is a very higher spiritual stage. Debasish means blessings of God. It means by the blessings of God he has attained such condition.]

Attainment of new spiritual body

246. 24th, June. 1977. Friday.
Early morning dream: I was having a supper in one of my student Kanai by name . After finishing the supper it seemed to me that the dress I was wearing belonged to another person. While searching for my own dress I could not find it. On the other hand somebody gave me an olive green loose trouser and I wore it. Then that unknown person gave me a gown type velvety dress. Wearing it I found that it reached below the knee level and with that dress my dream went off.
The dream again reveals that the seer’s spiritual body does not belong to him but to God only and he is having a new spiritual body.

[After 28 years (Oct, 2005) the real meaning revealed in his mind that this was an indication that in future the seer will have realizations up to foot level, that means to the extreme lowest plane as mentioned in Tantra and by attaining this condition he may have spiritual controlling power. The realizations in the long run have proved the fact that he has experienced all these in his body. But the effects will be told by the Future].

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