Short and controlless LDs

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Short and controlless LDs

Postby agent25 » 06 Jul 2017 11:19


I am half trying with LDs for past 8 months and about 2 months ago I started seriously. In past 2 weeks I achieved regural LDs but in every one I just realize that I am dreaming and then do some fun stuff without really realizing it. -_-

Shortly said:
-lack of awarness
-not the best prospetive memory

Because of that I can't do stuff I want to. For prospective memory I've already have a solution and I am asking for solution for lack of awarness.

Thank you and LD ON! ;)

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Re: Short and controlless LDs

Postby naturespirit » 08 Jul 2017 07:22

Hi! :D

A lack of awareness is common in starting lucid dreamers.

Once you become lucid, stop. Rub your hands together and engage your dream body. Ask yourself 'Have I fully realized I am dreaming yet?'
Some find attempting an arithmetic question, counting, saying their name, or even just saying calmly 'I am dreaming.'
Soon, your awareness will kick in and many feel more aware than they are when they are awake.

Most importantly, give yourself time to catch a breath. If you immediately fly off and then do 1000 tasks, the fact is you will likely be prematurely awoken, and only remember 3.

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Re: Short and controlless LDs

Postby agent25 » 20 Jul 2017 15:40

Thank you,I really aprecciate your response;I''l make sure to try this.

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