Strange volcano dream

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Strange volcano dream

Postby AleahAlate » 11 Jul 2017 20:23

Last night I had a very strange, and vivid dream about a volcano. It is sticking with me and I can't seem to do anything but think about it and what it might mean. I've been very stressed and have had some issues with my boyfriend lately. He is very depressed and we actually broke up for a couple days before getting back together. We are ok now, by it has been difficult. This is My dream:

I was inside my boyfriend and I's house (which for some reason was an apartment in my dream) and somehow I discovered that the mountain I lived on was actually a volcano, and the top had burst open and everything up there had disappeared into the insides of the angry mountain. My family was there but my boyfriend was not. We all decided to evacuate, and joined the rest of the people evacuating on a very skinny path of boards and rocks down the perilous cliff face to the bottom of the mountain. The mountain was smoking, but for some strange reason, it was not SUPER concerning. I think I knew that we would be ok. Part way down I panicked and realized that I had no shoes or warm clothes if the volcano did erupt and we became homeless. So I went all the way back up to the apartment and grabbed a backpack of clothes. I caught back up with my family and continued down the mountain, and part way down again I realized that my boyfriend had not been with us the whole time so I went back to our apartment again where I called him and he met me. We left and got almost all the way to the bottom of the mountain we realized we would need some things if we were going to start a new life. So we went back AGAIN to the apartment, grabbed all our tv's and Xbox's and clothes and started down again. This time though, it was more scary. Some people were starting to panic and no one knew who was orchestrating the evacuation. We couldn't go any faster down the mountain because there were so many people, so everyone was walking slowly. The ground started to shake and we looked up at the mountain top. We could tell it was about to erupt, and it did. But for some reason the eruption was very small. There was a little cloud of smoke and ash, followed by some lava. But we were not worried it would get to us. It was very high up and small. Everyone kind of relaxed, like the worst was over. But I was worried about getting off the mountain and far far away because I KNEW there would be another eruption. Eventually we got to the bottom of the mountain and we could spread up and move faster. The volcano was looking fine. No eminent danger. So we journeyed into the valley below the volcano to find out where to live. I remember thinking that we could journey back to the apartment if it was still there and get our stuff, by it would be dangerous and there could be looters there that stole our stuff before we could.

Anyone have any insight on what this might mean besides the standard meaning of volcanos in dreams? It would be very appreciative!

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Re: Strange volcano dream

Postby jasmine2 » 18 Jul 2017 21:49

Over the years, I have had several dreams about volcanoes. This usually happens when I am experiencing a challenging emotional situation in my daily life, which seems to "shake up" fundamental habit patterns, and threaten my sense of security, and causes uncertainty about what lies in the future.

Example - leaving my family after graduating from college, traveling across country to a new job, the end of a romantic relationship, or major changes in career situation.

In my volcano dreams, I was frightened when my house was threatened by rumbling sounds deep in the earth and erupting streams of lava. I joined some companions, and we searched for a safe pathway to escape. I always managed to avoid the lava, and, even though I was scared and confused, I managed to keep my wits about me, and eventually we arrived at a a safe, more peaceful location.

It sounds to me like, in your volcano dream, your own inner resources are helping to guide you through a threatening, confusing life situation to a more secure emotional place.

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