FILD (2 Attempts) Need Help!

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FILD (2 Attempts) Need Help!

Postby Kaori4Kousei » 12 Jul 2017 04:14

Guys, I've been searching for a forum that is active and has great/experienced people finally I've found this site. I am having some questions related to my FILD attempts. Please read and kindly suggest something!

My first attempt(Yesterday) :
After 4-5 hours of sleep my brother woke me up. I changed side(on Back) and tried to do the finger movement, it didn't work(Maybe I wasn't tired). So, I thought about to wait until I am more closer to the sleep. When I was close to the sleep I started doing the finger movement. In seconds my body started delving into some darkness, it wasn't a common darkness. It was like my body might takeoff at any moment, my breathe pattern changed, my fingers were going out of control I wasn't able to control the pattern of tapping, saliva was building in my mouth so I had to swallow as well. My body was going out of control, it happened twice and then I failed. I tried to sleep a lot after that but I was unable to sleep.

Can someone please help with these points? :-
1. Swallowing saliva takes me to the reality, what to do?
2. Do I have to focus only at finger tapping?
3. What to do when I start delving in darkness and everything goes out of control?
4. After waking up after 5 hours, how many times can I try FILD before going back to sleep again?
5. My cooler's sound is a bit high but it never annoyed me, can this be a problem when attaining lucidity? Like cooler's sound can make me realize of reality?

My second attempt (Today) :
I slept at 12:57 AM, and woke up around 5:50 AM though alarm was of 6:15 AM, I tried FILD but eventually I fell asleep. When my alarm woke me up, I tried FILD but it didn't work. I wasn't really tired so I waited for some minutes and tried again and it didn't work. I changed my positions 2-3 times, then I did some "Om" chanting and then a post of a guy on any forum came in my mind that rather than moving your fingers just keep trying to move them in your mind. Like barely moving fingers and moving it more through mind. I started doing this and in seconds I started getting numb, my breathing pattern started changing. I was nervous in starting but now I felt calmer as I knew that I will be lucid soon. It was like I am going to depart in few seconds, I heard a ringing sound for some seconds. I was unable to concentrate anywhere( as I was trying to concentrate on barely moving my fingers). That ringing sound lasted for some seconds and voila! I failed.
I have a cooler that produces much noise, it have never been a problem for me to fall asleep on normal days, but can it be a problem when trying to achieve lucidity? To suppress this cooler's sound did a ringing sound came? When that ringing sound came even cooler's sound was somewhat suppressed. When my alarm wakes me up should I wear earphones and start FILD'ing? If yes then what music should I use?

Thank you!

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