First post, I had no idea everyone couldn't do this

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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First post, I had no idea everyone couldn't do this

Postby Ihadnoidea » 12 Jul 2017 22:43

So first post. I've had lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, obe, etc my entire life. I just thought everyone else in the world did. I even went to a therapist after my mother died and described some dreams and she said wow you have lucid dreams, again I didn't make the connection. I had a particularly powerful lucid dream last night that ended with me reentering my body with an exploding head boom. I woke up in such a relaxed/euphoric state that's lasted all day. I'm excited to be in this select club. So the dream was me as a younger looking self but same mind I currently have, I realized it was a dream so all my usual flying gliding abilities came back. Then it got deep. I realized I was lacking in spiritual knowledge of other cultures so a guide took me on a tour of all these different religions, I'm not a religious person no that it matters. I was on a train in India with a woman giving birth, then the middle east with tribes in the sand dunes, Buddhist temples, etc. I began the journey as a young man but ended it much older with face tattoos and scars. I awoke after visiting many locations aware the entire time I was dreaming and choosing how I interacted. It ended with an old man asking if I trusted him, I said yes. He picked me up and through me into some boulders saying to relax and I was protected. As I hit the rock I heard the loud bang and reentered my body. It was an amazing journey.

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Re: First post, I had no idea everyone couldn't do this

Postby naturespirit » 16 Jul 2017 04:04

Welcome to the forum! :D

Interesting experience! I hope you continue your lucid dreaming journey. :)
These 'deep' dreams often never leave us, and for some they a life-changing experience.
The elderly man may be a Dream Guide. Who knows?

Enjoy the forum!
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