Went lucid before the dream even happened

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
Nate Boyd
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Went lucid before the dream even happened

Postby Nate Boyd » 13 Jul 2017 17:39

I woke up this morning at 8 am and went downstairs ate food and went back into my bed and watched videos on my phone for about an hour. I was feeling very tired so I layed down and went back to bed when I felt my self wake up a little after falling asleep. I heard a lot of strange noises in my head ( this happens to me sometimes when I am really tired and about to fall asleep). Except this time they were very loud and strange and I said to my self I must be dreaming and the second I said that I knew I was going into a lucid dream I started feeling all weird and the dream was starting. I could see myself going into a dream but I was still somewhat awake. The thing that happened next was the most insane thing I’ve ever had happen to me when sleeping/ lucid dreaming. Both my eyes were closed in real life but in my right eye I could see the dream of me being in the mall and when I went to get both my eyes open in the dream I opened my left eye and could see my room in real life. Amazed by it I closed that eyes I wouldn’t wake up and waited for my dream to form more and I opened it again where I was in my dream where I ran around the mall where there was a low gravity feel to it and I could float around and then I flew around and had fun before waking up. :D

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Re: Went lucid before the dream even happened

Postby HunterClash » 15 Jul 2017 13:56

That seems incredible. My dad has a funny ability to sleep with one eye open even during the day xD
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