How can I stop this?

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How can I stop this?

Postby Supersupper11 » 16 Jul 2017 15:57

I have know about lucid dreaming for years and have fun with it on a lazy Sunday morning. A few days ago however, It's kinda e/devolved into what I can only decribe as an involuntary astral protection sp? It's not unpleasant but I don't really feel like I'm getting any sleep. Also, I can't shake this extremely faint sound of music in quiet places. Am I loosing my mind? because that is how I it feels. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated thank

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Re: How can I stop this?

Postby jasmine2 » 17 Jul 2017 01:05

Perhaps before you go to sleep, you could imagine having a conversation with a character who acts as as an envoy to your unconscious mind.

Negotiate with your unconscious mind. You might say, "I want to continue exploring different aspects of the dream world, but you must respect the basic needs of my physical body, and please allow me to have sufficient, restful sleep. You could light a candle, or have some other simple ritual activity or object.

Try to stick to regular hours for sleeping, and I hope you have a peaceful sleeping environment.

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