Reality journal and dream checks

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Reality journal and dream checks

Postby Toba » 22 Jul 2017 19:43

Since a child I always had lucid dreams, later often induced via SP, sometimes OBE's.
I really learned a lot of things through dreams and dream-figures and never ever used one of the techniques as taught by specialists or as discussed in books or around the internet. I just playfully found out my own ways, sometimes indicated and helped by the people in my dreams. Well, everybody has to find out for themselves what works best, but my consideration is this: we were born naked, without nothing, no tools, no methods, without paper and pencils to keep dream journals, without totems or talismans. So I like to stay free and independant of anything outside my Self. Everything you need you already have. Just relax without hurrying to "get" something or to gain from your dreams. Just be aware, choicelessly aware in daily life as well as in your dream reality and everything will come to you exactly how and when it should.

If you really want to improve your ( lucid) dream recall incredibly consider this:
Don't keep your dream journal in waking life ( this gives our daily reality more importance than alternative realities) . Instead keep your " reality" journal in your lucid dreams. Turn it around. The moment you are lucid in your dream, the first task is to remember your daily life and make a journal of what you did last day in waking life. You don't even have to write it down, just use a magic automatic pencil that records everything you remember, or an imaginated voice recorder.
Then put your journal in your pocket or so and continue your lucid dream.
Then , instead of performing reality checks throughout the day, do " dream checks" in your lucid dream. Let the dream tell you what to do or perform ( e.g. In your dream you take a gemstone and mould it in your hand like chewing gum ) and try to do this impossible act, with total conviction, in daily life. This way instead of convincing yourself that you are in a dream, you convince yourself that you are awake. (Even if it would be necessary to purchase a gem stone.. If the stone was a red one in your dream, then don't buy a blue one.) If you do it this way, you give the dream reality the foremost respect and importance.Let the dream give you tasks to perform in daily life and try to do them as close as possible. You'll find out that the dream will give you mostly tasks that will prove your are in waking reality, as in the above exemple of the gemstone. In fact you start interconnecting the two realities naturally , making them as one whole movement of reality.
This way you turn things around; you get more lucid because you train your awareness that you are dreaming (while remembering daily life reality) and in the meanwhile make this dream reality more real and useful than just a "dream-reality".
This way it doesn't cost you time and effort in waking life and gives you a goal and purpose in your lucid dreams.
Try it and let me know how it works for you smile

P.s. everything has always an alternative mirrored 180 degrees
Love, Freedom, Truth

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