5 Years of lucid dreaming

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5 Years of lucid dreaming

Postby BungalaHuma » 25 Jul 2017 08:54

Hey dreamers! This is my first time posting anything of my experiences from the past 5 years. So lets get started. Basically I have been lucid dreaming for the past 5 years. Had more lucid dreams than I can count and all the other effects what training them brings sleep paralizes etc. Lucid dreaming for me nowadays is second nature. Basically everytime I go to sleep, the dreams are in someforms lucid dreams. Meaning that I am conscious in my dreams and remember almost all of them. I have played with lucid dreams so much that I got bored of them and also to the point when I started to question reality. I can go into a lucid dream any time of the day but the reason for this I found out only after I decided to try and stop lucid dreaming. After years of daily lucid dreaming and actively trying to get into one. I realised that when I quit going to them. I only found myself going to sleep paralizes daily. So cut to the chaise the reason I had unlocked this power of lucid dreaming was that I was diagnosed with narcolepsia around 9 months ago and I am 22. Due to that disease my brain works different, I go in to the REM sleep as soon as I fall a sleep. This has made it so that I can feel the moment I fall a sleep and the moment my dreams start.

So the past 5 years I have experienced a lot of different dreams and tapped the limits of lucid dreaming. This is the first time I started to look into the internet on what other people have achived in lucid dreams. I would love to discuss anything related to these topics and will try to answer if anyone have any questions on the topic. I can also share some of my strongest dreams or if you wish to ask about a specific type of dreams you would personally want to hear about this will help me also remember dreams that I cant remember straight away.

This is something that I believe to have done constanly.
"You're not in the habit of being highly self aware. ... The ultimate goal in Tibetan dream yoga is to attain a fully lucid dream -- then dissolve the dream." -- if I understand this right. This is when you enter a dream. Doesn't matter what sort of dream, can be a nightmare or a normal dream (easiest to do in lucid dream). Only things that I require for dissolving the dream is a ground where to stand, my physical body, and that the dream is not constanty moving. After that I make myself some Naruto hand signs and smash my right hand to the ground. After this my body starts to slide through the ground and then I find myself in pitch black and then I can create my very own dream by commanding it. Lets say I say "building" a building appears, "ground" it appears, "people" random people appear etc.

Would also love to talk to the founders or really experienced dreamers to share information and find new thing to do.
Thank you for reading.

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Re: 5 Years of lucid dreaming

Postby DreamerMan99 » 05 Aug 2017 03:40

Cool post. What is it like to have that disorder? Do you often wake up tired?
Do you feel limited in your lucid dreams?
Good luck,
Dream on.

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Re: 5 Years of lucid dreaming

Postby BungalaHuma » 05 Aug 2017 08:23

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the long reply. Yeah it kinda sucks to have it. Basically it doesn't matter how much I sleep, I always wake up tired. Before the diagnosis and medicine for it my daily life was that I slept until I had to do something important (deadline for a paper etc.) When I got up, i stayed awake as long as I keep moving, but if i stopped for a while and just sat down I would fall as sleep. Now a days, the medicine keeps me awake but its not nice to have to take a pill to wake up everyday. Basically after the diagnosis, my whole world view got shattered and now have to start to learn it again.

But the fun part is that the disease allows me to dream all the time. The REM sleep starts for me the moment I fall asleep and when I am off my medicine it takes me about 4min average to fall asleep always. That means playing with lucid dreams was really easy and I didn't have to study and learn how to get into them. So when I first learned how to get to lucid dreams, I just basically slept for years and trained. Dreamed to a point that I bored of playing with the lucid dreams, because I had done all I could come up with in them. Should have searched online for new tricks in my prime. Also started to ask the question in my head, if I can just close my eyes and live all my fantasies and dreams to the fullest extent that you mind can produce, why bother with living outside of my dream world. But yeah on the medicine started to get grasp of reality now and less dreams but wanted to share my experiences and talk to some other dreamers. So found myself here.

Ill share few lucid dreams and would like to know if I should share some more. But yeah usually I started my lucid dreams but "resetting the dream" my subconscious had made for me by doing that hand on the ground thing. Then I would slide through the ground to pitch black after that I thought to myself what to do this time. So said city and a city appeared, me standing on one the tall white apartment buildings roof. After that I started running and jumping from roof top to roof top. After that I wanted to go fight so I jumped from one of the roof tops into an open field with two armies fighting each other and landed in the middle of the battle field making an impact on the ground that blow away the soldiers around me. Then with fists, kicks and sword slashes hacked some enemies for a while. Using telekinesis and avatar powers to when needed. Then got bored and realized that I wanted some love, so left the battle field went to the closest house and started searching girls, each door I opened was a different place with different people and well after that I usually wake up because my heart starts pumping too fast when the action starts. Its really annoying, tips to keep the pulse down. :)

Also longest lucid dream I had that I timed was 1h30min usually last around an hour. Know because I fall asleep I start dreaming if its lucid I will wake up after it. So everytime my dream is lucid have I wake up after an hour, annoying at nights. Thank you for reading.

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