Sleep Anxiety Due To Chronic Sleep Paralysis

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Sleep Anxiety Due To Chronic Sleep Paralysis

Postby Lolomilo » 01 Aug 2017 12:27

Hello all, I am new to the forum, desperately seeking the help of you all. I'm a 26-year old female. I'm in generally good health but I do have a bit of an anxiety disorder. My husband works very early so I've noticed a pattern over the last year. I began having an anxiety-induced fear that during the time between him leaving and me getting up for work, someone would break in and attack me. I'm not sure if the fear came first or if the dreams caused the fear, but at the same time, I started having lucid dreams (yay!) but I found that as soon as I realized I was dreaming, I would begin to panic about being asleep and someone breaking in, so I would immediately try to wake myself up by screaming, slapping myself, shaking my head, etc. Often times this results in sleep paralysis, with a recently extremely terrifying experience in which I heard someone come in the bedroom but I was paralyzed and saw them inject something underneath my fingernail before I actually fully awoke. Granted, I did watch X-files the night before but still! :lol: I find that this only happens when I a) am sleeping on my back; and b) fall BACK asleep rather than during initial regular sleep. I've tried only sleeping on my side but with the exception of using a wedge pillow which is uncomfortable, I just move back to supine in my sleep. For the past year I just started to get up at the same time as my husband out of dread. I recently wanted to try to start falling back asleep again to see if it had gone away, but in the past several weeks I've had sleep paralysis probably 6-7 times. Any advice on relaxation techniques when lucid dreaming OR techniques to allow yourself to wake up immediately without panic? Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize for the length!

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