Accidental WILD after 15 years of trying LD

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Accidental WILD after 15 years of trying LD

Postby Beetlegeuze » 10 Aug 2017 19:30

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum after lurking for a while in the shadows.
Since 15 years I've been trying to have a lucid dream. In all honesty, it was an on/off again process because I would get frustrated at times. I tried several techniques and kept a dream journal but never came close to the real deal.
That was until a few weeks ago. While browsing YouTube for videos to help me fall asleep I came across a lady (not sure if it's ok to share names and such here, definitely not plugging her) who makes these videos where she talks in a soothing voice and helps to relax. Surprisingly this really worked for me so I used it more often. Then I came across one of her videos on lucid dreaming and I decided to try it.
There were 2 versions, one was a 1 hour version and the other 2 hours long. Nothing happened with the 1 hour version but when I tried the 2 hour one I had the weirdest experience I've ever had. Without knowing about WILD and "the corpse pose" (apparently I'm not good at Googling) that was exactly what I was doing.
After a little while I could have sworn I heard someone in another room playing with papers or magazines or something like that, then it felt like I was holding a knife in my "corpse hand" and then it felt like my head was detached and put on a rollercoaster all by itself. I vaguely heard the lady in the background.
I got real spooked by the paper-noises and snapped out of it. Weird how I didn't care about the knife but hey, priorities. (I have a boyfriend but he's not always home at night and I thought there was an intruder. Thankfully there wasn't.)
That's when I decided to look further into this video I used and I first learned about sleep paralysis and the hypnagognic hallucinations. Maybe sort of in my defense; my native language isn't English and where I live there's not a lot to find about LD.

Because it had really freaked me out - and reading about people seeing demons hovering over them while slurping out their soul- I didn't dare to try it again.
However, it irked me that I seemed to have FINALLY gotten close-r- to a real lucid dream, at least more than ever before. So a few days ago when my boyfriend had to leave for the night I looked up the video again and went for a retry.

It happened again! This time I didn't hear or see anything, but sure enough I got that insane head-spinning feeling again. Definitely not a bad feeling even though I'm sure it sounds like a terrible thing with my description.
I remember smiling like crazy, not sure if that was in my mind or in real life.
I was just so happy I went towards a lucid dream again without spooky things.. then I remembered to stay semi awake in order to be able to go to lucid land, and started imagining I was in a forest. It worked for a little bit but I didn't get the feeling I could change anything or do anything and after that I snapped out of it and immediately (for my feeling) went into a different setting in a "normal" dream.
This dream however is the most vivid one I've ever had, I still remember every detail. Sh*tty part is this dream was more like a nightmare (in case anyone is still curious and reading, in this dream there was a crocodile trying to attack me by smashing into a window. When I tried to find a possible meaning for a crocodile in a dream, since I can't remember ever dreaming about them, I found a website where they said it could be a sign between the "awake" world and "sleep" world. The rest of the sites I found claimed crocodiles that are attacking are a sign of impending doom pretty much.)

So a very (very!) long story short; I'm about to try it again tonight and the coming nights since I'll be home alone, does anyone have any tips?
Maybe something different than the movie I've used on YouTube? I've never tried binaural beats or anything but now I'm willing to try pretty much everything.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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