Got Suffocated in my Dream

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Got Suffocated in my Dream

Postby Yokesh » 12 Aug 2017 10:52


I got this dream a while back and I am curious to understand what it stands for.

In my dream, I was lying down in a meadow and it was dark and gloomy overhead.

I was looking up into the skies. It was getting darker and darker and the rain clouds which were getting formed were starting to come down. They were inching closer and closer, simultaneously I noticed a couple of dogs by my feet and they were shouting at me. I kind of knew that they were asking me to get away from that place like I am in some danger. But I didn't move and the clouds had inched even closer to me. Ultimately the clouds fell on top of me and suffocated me. I was trying to shout for help but no clear words were coming out of my mouth and I was just letting out groans. By this time I realized am in a dream and I was trying to wake up, but I was not able to move or open my eyes. I started panicking and I was shouting for help in real but again no clear words and only groans were coming out. I was also suffocating and not able to breathe in real.

I suddenly woke up from my sleep and finally I was able to breathe. I asked my uncle who was sleeping near me if he heard me groan in my sleep. Unfortunately he had been asleep and hadn't noticed anything.

Your inputs are appreciated

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