What means to keep mind awake in the scope of WILD techniques?

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What means to keep mind awake in the scope of WILD techniques?

Postby Rich » 13 Aug 2017 15:04


Sometimes people try to enter a WILD with a common relaxation technique trying to keep the mind awake.
But here is some misunderstanding about the term "awake mind". What is meant? Here I'll try to review several aspects of this issue step by step. I would like to know your opinion on what we actually have to do while entering WILD.

  • Keeping your memory accessible
    Personally I think that lucidity means memory accessibility. Check out the link below and have a look on this post called "Memory: the Forgotten Fundamental" by Sageous. The main idea of it is that we not only need to recall our dreams while awake, but what is more important - access our memory while sleeping and remember who we are IRL, what is our intention and what the real everyday life is. That is what make us lucid:
    So here we can conclude that one of the main goals of any LD technique is to make accessible as much memory as possible to understand who you actually are as well as possible.

    Think about it while entering your WILD. Do you feel you're becoming kind of another person while entering the dream? Do you wonder what you were thinking about in the dream or your thoughts style was the same as in IRL?

  • Control your imagination
    When falling a non-LD you start to imagine something. Images come to you without your intention and will. The dream needs no control, it goes by itself. Do you trying to imagine what you want or just consciously taking part in this show letting it go as it goes?

  • Concentration & mind tension
    Mind tension is my special term for a feeling how hard your brain is working to analyze something, find a solution of problem, perceive the happening around you or just being concentrated. Sometimes you feel tired after a prolonged mind work. This is mind tension. You close your eyes and feel a pleasant relaxation in your mind after a hard day. This is a mind tension release.

    Do you feel this tension while entering WILD and trying to stay lucid? Should we feel it? Is it necessary to keep lucid? Can you easily enter a WILD when you heavily need a sleep.

So what means keep mind awake: remembering, imagining or concentrating?

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