Enter to others dreams???

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Enter to others dreams???

Postby Hygrophila » 30 Jul 2012 20:53

So I read a book Robert Moss - Conscious Dreaming and it was strange.

Robert mentioned a lot of dreams where he enterd into his friends dreams. He write about dream groups. They meet each other and talk about dreams. They even play shaman drums that helps enter into a lucid dream easier and faster. And then after they told their dreams and something was not ok, somebody helps the person and follows him into his own dream. They sleep with each other or I don't know.....

Lucid dreams came from australia from the old tribes... is that true?

Once or twice I had a lucid dream where I was in my girlfriend's room. And saw a lot of things, people and actions. In the morning she told me what she dreamd of. And before she could tell me the story I told her what it was about. Quiet strange I know but is it possible when we sleep, our brain is faster than the fastest computer, that our frequence and brainwaves are that strong that we can du such a thing?

Sorry for my english...
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Re: Enter to others dreams???

Postby Slip » 30 Jul 2012 21:18

I don't believe that's possible. I've noticed that the content of my dreams is highly suggestible, meaning that if I don't write everything down as soon as I wake up, I add in different things that didn't actually happen in the dream, based on what I'm experiencing in real life.
SO if I start to tell my Mom about my dream at the same time she's telling me about her dream, I start to add little pieces from her dream into my dream. You might be "remembering" parts of your dream that didn't actually happen.

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Re: Enter to others dreams???

Postby jamjam » 30 Jul 2012 21:42

Yeah... none of that nonsense is true.
Lucid dreams have only been scientifically proven in the past 100 years,
Monks have been traced 1000 years ago to have been practicing lucid dreaming... and even before that.
Scientifically speaking... mutual dreaming is highly unlikely as of now... although it's up for debate.
Until science proves that mutual dreaming is real/not real we will have to wait.

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Re: Enter to others dreams???

Postby torakrubik » 30 Jul 2012 23:22

From limited personal experience, I'd say mutual dreaming, although rare, is real. Perhaps someday induction techniques will be developed for it. However, factually, it is definitely not proven, but not ruled out either. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence, but no solid proof. And...the evidence is only anecdotal at this moment in time. Since there have been no successful scientific trials carried out in this area that i am aware of, we can at most keep an open mind about this.
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