scary dream help please

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scary dream help please

Postby 1337 » 16 Aug 2017 17:07

when i was dreaming. there was a parallel universe of a forum named mcc ( minecraft central ) which was green and had a scroller to the right showing the recent donators and top voters ( i didnt check that part fully but its suspected. ) I clicked on a forum which led which said ( or something like that ) "who wants to explore" all non capital. In the thread it said ( i forgot about it) but i somehow knew where it was suppose to be which lead to a "live stream" like. In the live stream they were exploring one of my families community. There was a black and white weirdly striped cat with another cat that was full white with a pink or red ribbon on it. when the striped cat saw that i was in ( he had nobody else i think ) he said "what are you doing?" "how did you get in" then somehow i was self inserted. It seemed like both cats werent interested in the neighborhood where they were at so they changed it to out of the neighborhood. across the sidewalk from the entire community of where a family member was at. Somehow ahead some stuff were shops and stuff. I somehow got to follow both cats no matter what. They never split. They didn't ask me about how I am in there. The next thing I remember is the cats exploring the place. After that I remember some dark room ( not full dark ) with rooms. to be exact it was a ruined messed house. The house grew weirder over time. ( remember i was inserted in ) The house was changing & growing. I followed the cats through a few doors and then I wake up ( still not from irl ) I was kind of in shock. I didnt know why it happened . I was left with a note showing a conversation. it literally said this

Me: why did this dream happen??
Ghost: maybe because you are or WERE in a parallel universe
Ghost: share it
Ghost: i'm still horrible in that universe

what happened:

end of note:
I saw a Disney poster with the same two cats with other members. It looked like a movie. It was named "FantasizeLand" all in Disney font.
This is legit real. I woke up after and was told to write this to all. its fine if you dont believe me but i swear its true. It looked like if this movie were from the future

why did this happen???????????? help

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Re: scary dream help please

Postby dizzyuluru » 22 Aug 2017 02:58

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