Huge Problem!?!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Huge Problem!?!

Postby KyleKellerman » 17 Aug 2017 06:13

About a year ago I used to have the dream/daydream a lot. The dream always had me on what seemed to be a clif that overlooks a valley but I could never go to the end he and see what was on the other side. But one day, I had a daydream and in it I walk up to the edge and saw something truly horrifying to me. There were bones and skulls everywhere and a cloaked figure with a staff that had a crow skull on it and then it stopped and I had that dream over and over until it it happened again and this time it went further. A little after looking over the edge he cloaked figure dissapeared and appeared behind me while slowly walking twords me but about 4 steps away he stopped and all I saw was a cloaked figure with a staff and in the spots u would of seen flesh it was only a thick black shadow. It said to me,"Why are u here""Who are you" and then it stopped and it loved that dream only 3 times before it went away completely and a couple days later my girlfriend then had a dream that she described as "fear world" or something like that. What is this dream and what does it mean? I fear nothing but every time I had that dream I was scared out of my mind and now all I can think of is that dream and what it means but so far I have found nothing so I have come here to look for help on this dream. If u know anything or would like to ask me anything about it contact me at or send me a msg at (619)-820-5916. I would love some help in figureing out this dream that used to haunt me for at least a year. Also if i could draw or sketch what I see very vividly I would and post it here but I can not sadly. I just wish I could share exactly what I saw with someone else so that someone knows what I'm talking about, also I have only told my girlfriend about this dream. Of all the dreams I have this is the most fearsome and the only one I would classify as a nightmare even though it no longer scares me but it does haunt me. Please please help if u can or if u know anything at all that could explain it.

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Re: Huge Problem!?!

Postby Lexard » 18 Aug 2017 00:05

This is not a lucid dream, why is it in this subforum?

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