Possible Dream Telepathy Occurrence (Thoughts/Opinions wanted)

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Possible Dream Telepathy Occurrence (Thoughts/Opinions wanted)

Postby MissPerception » 20 Aug 2017 12:05

I had this dream last night, and it's what made me come here and seek outside opinions on what I experienced. It is too....eerie...not to share with others. I believe I've experienced a shared dream, or dream telepathy, but with someone I've never met in my waking life. My dream began as non-lucid. The only other person in the dream that is also related to me is my grandmother, the rest were all family members my sleeping mind created.

It begins in my grandmother's kitchen, myself, her, and two other female relatives are gathered there having idle conversation I can't recall. A car with three grown women and one young girl pulls up beside the house on the gravel driveway, I remember the vehicle seems to appear smaller than it should and is a deep grey color. I only look at it long enough to note the young girl, my red-haired niece, Abby (the only other person in the dream whose name is spoken aside from mine), is climbing out before heading back inside. Two of the women make their way into the kitchen, followed by Abby, none of them speaking to me or looking at me standing at the corner of the counter. The third woman, however, enters the kitchen behind Abby and locks gazes with me, and everything in my dream slows down to a crawl...time moves so slowly, I instantly memorize all of her features.

She has short, choppy blond hair that doesn't go below her chin in front and doesn't touch her shoulders in the back. I can't recall the exact color of her eyes, though I think they are close to grey, and I remember them being wide and open looking. She has a nondescript, average nose and plump lips with an exceptionally subtle Cupid's bow. She is maybe 5'5", no taller than that and no shorter than 5'3". She is wearing a camo green denim jacket, with a dark grey t-shirt with an alpha-numerical sequence embossed on the chest, "FZ6 735X." (NOTE: The FZ6 is what I believe the first part of the sequence is, I know for certain the last four digits were 735X in some order. I work with numbers all day and they appear in my dreams often). She had a stocky build, and a squarish jaw. If had to sum her up in one word, it would be "Butch." During my examination of her, she turns towards the door and heads out onto the back porch. I remember the sensation of my heart pounding in my chest, and though I'd never seen her before, I knew I recognized her. It was that moment where everything in my dream became sharper and more focused, I became more focused.

I moved into a lucid dream.

No one else in the dream pays attention to us as I follow her out immediately, and I panic when I see she isn't where I expect her to be before I spot her on the ground at the South corner of my porch. She's staring up at me through the posts, almost as if she knew to wait for me. I walk across the porch to her, and when I stand above her, we both speak at the same time.

"You were in my dream last night," I said.
"I dreamt of you last night, as I have for the past two nights," she said.

Our gazes remained locked as she climbs back up onto the porch and stands two feet from me. She didn't feel dangerous, just that she was looking me over, gauging me, and I did the same to her. I can say for certain that I felt she was not a part of me, not something I created or manufactured, she was apart FROM me. After a few moments of examination of one another, she moves to the windowsill and asks me a question that I can't fully remember...it was muddled and the breeze sent the wind chimes around us to tinkling madly when she asked. I believe it was something along the lines of, "Why do you have such rolling rhythms?" before tapping out a beat on the sill that I use all the time when I'm idle. I replied, "Music makes me feel good, it's my thing...I hate silence." She nods, looks me over once more, and moves to leave.

At the bottom of the step, she turns to me, and says, "Alright, I'll be seeing you."

I woke up after that. As I've said, I merely seek outside thoughts and opinions, but this has been on my mind ever since I woke up. I've taken to calling this woman simply, "The Blonde Woman."

The reason this is so "eerie" to me is that, two days ago, I spoke with my sister about dreams. I mentioned how I believed we can connect through our dreams, as though we humans have a subconscious hive mind we use to establish connections with one another in ways we can't when we are conscious. The reason this is so significant to me...is that The Blonde Woman claimed to dream of me the night I had that discussion with my sister in my waking life, and the following night, when I had this dream.

Let me know what you think, please!
Miss Perception

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Re: Possible Dream Telepathy Occurrence (Thoughts/Opinions wanted)

Postby lucidé » 21 Aug 2017 06:50

It is possible you could have dream meshed with the person you never met before. Dream meshing is when you and the person you never met have matching symbols, and you could have between 50%-80% matching symbols which makes it seem like you are dream meeting (this is dream telepathy/dream sharing), but really, you are dream meshing. While the odds of you lucid dreaming about a person you don't know and vice versa and having matching symbols is about the same as that of winning the mega lottery I would guess, if a person did not win the mega lottery once in a while, people would never buy lottery tickets now would they? So while extraordinarily rare, it isn't impossible.
I accidentally dream meshed with a friend once who didn't even have experience in lucid dreaming once. He ended up in a similar dream like mine when he stopped breathing and went unconscious, and I just happened to be flying in the same place at the same time he was dreaming about flying in within his dreams. By coincidence, he bumped into my character in his dream at the same time and place. Usually when I have WILDs like the one I had where I was meshing with my friend, I start off in my room, and then fly around an accurate version of my town like Peter Pan.
An example of lucid dreaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW7ps_VSPkg (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3X1n5Yny3g

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