The Others Fear the Light (Nightmare)

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The Others Fear the Light (Nightmare)

Postby MissPerception » 21 Aug 2017 03:58

I woke up on the carpeted floor of the living room, disoriented and confused, nine others sit scattered around me. I recognize none of them, and only two in our group have ever associated before, so we all sit there and gauge one another before hesitantly deciding we had to work together to figure out why the hell we're in this random house together. Some of them have been awake for a while, and through them we learn it is perpetually night time outside, no cars have driven past even though we can see lights in the distance, a small township of some kind within walking distance but no people about. The front door is locked, but when I gaze out a front window to see the town, I instinctively know that all around us is frozen. We're trapped in the house together, and time has either stopped progressing around us or is so slow it appears to be stopped. I explain this to the group and most agree with me, but a few scoff at me and disregard it as impossible. We decided to start exploring the house after that, and discovered the electricity is shotty at best, lights only working in certain rooms (bathrooms, some bedrooms). The house is much larger than it seems, a long hallway seeming to extend into nothingness with more hallways branching off it...I didn't move deep into the hallway, it felt too ominous to me, and the two people of our group who did explore further never returned. Eight of us remained.

During my search of the rooms near the living room, I got a large spotlight-flashlight, the ones with a handle on the side of them and a large beam. It was worn and red with yellow accents, I remember it really well, and I used my flashlight to help the others as we all moved to a pair of sliding glass doors covered by billowing black curtains. A man stepped forward to sweep the curtain aside and revealed a fenced in backyard, seven foot tall wooden slats keeping us confined to a small area outside, which I began exploring to no avail. Then, a guy named Brandon got the bright idea of scaling the fence, and that's when things got scary.

As Brandon began to climb, a high pitched whirring noise filled the air around us, and I backed myself into a corner beside the door, holding my suddenly useless flashlight as we all hear slamming and growling and clicking in the house. Brandon is struggling to reach the top of the fence, and as he gets his upper body to the top, the Others came. Oh, they appeared human, like the rest of us...but their eyes were dead, faraway, and they didn't speak at all. They all wore white sweatpants and plain white shirts, all ages and some armed. They saw Brandon trying to climb the fence, and moved like predatorial beasts to try and stop us from escaping, their jaws unhinging and producing wet grunting noises and that high pitched whirring I'd heard earlier. For whatever reason, instinct I guess, as one came for me I flipped on my massive flashlight and shined it right in her face....and she froze. Just stopped right in front of me and stood there, staring, her body language telling me she seemed asleep standing up and with her eyes open.

Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me inside, locking the doors behind us. One of us had been taken by The of us now. The Other I'd frozen stood still in the middle of the yard where I'd left her for a solid ten minutes before climbing over the fence and moving around the house. I told the group what had happened and they decided we needed to test out the idea that light would neutralize The Others, so three of us went deep into the infinite hallway and knocked on a bedroom door at random. The whirring sound filled the air, and my heart stopped when the door opened and I saw my father standing there with his autographed baseball bat, his eyes the dead and faraway gaze of The Others. I backed away, the two who accompanied me halfway back to the living room already. "Dad?" I said quietly, and he looked at me with some actual emotion, anger. He raised his bat to swing, and I turned and ran before remembering the flashlight. Spinning back around, I flicked it on and discovered it's beam shining directly into his face, inches from my own, the bat a hairsbreadth away from slamming into my skull. I remember slowly exhaling before dragging him back to his bedroom, calling out to my group that I was fine. When I went to lay my father down on the floor of the bedroom, I looked up and gasped. My grandparents and my brother all lay in beds, beneath lamplight, frozen in some kind of dream part of the room is shrouded in darkness...I gaze upon my father with new respect as I realize he froze our family when they became like The Others before he became one himself. I lay a blanket over him, a pillow beneath his head, and turn on the last lamp before resting it's light over his face and locking the room behind me as I leave.

When I returned to the living room, a huge commotion was going on, the front door flung open and a car in the front yard...someone new had arrived, a young man standing on the stoop. The group was telling him not to come inside, to leave, to run away, but he didn't listen to them and moved into the living room. The door slammed shut behind him and locked itself, and now he became part of our group. We told him everything that had happened thus far, and he casually says, "Well, I have this gas can full of gas," he holds it up for all of us to see. "If all of you are trapped like you say you are, we can just drink some and kill ourselves." Of course, most of us refuse, we know we can make our way out somehow. Two girls accept, however, and though I try to persuade them not to, they don't listen. Kneeling in the kitchen, the first one drinks the gasoline and begins screaming and writhing on the ground, the newcomer pulling her away from the last girl. I still try to convince her not to drink from it when she just grabs the gas can and chugs...this is the most vivid part of my dream and it still haunts me. She tosses the can aside and screams with a raw throat, looking into my eyes with absolute terror as the knowledge that she will die sinks into her mind, she looks at me and begs me to save her. "Get it out, it burns, it burns, help me, I don't want to die." Blood and foamy saliva seeps from between her teeth, and as I fall backwards, I remember thinking, I can't save anyone now. The world went blissfully dark, and I realize now I fainted in my dream.

I come to a few feet in the hallway, and as I sit up, I see a black duffel bag being zipped up...only five of us left now. As I stand, I begin to sing softly. I can't remember any of the words, or even the exact melody, but I sing and slowly walk down the hallway towards the living room where everyone is gathered. They all gaze at me, wide-eyed and frightened, as I make my way towards them. A bright, throbbing light builds behind me, following me until I stand just inside the hallway. As it becomes brighter and brighter behind me, I feel it's warmth, and the last line of the song I sing echoes in the air around me as the Light wraps around me like a shroud.

"I still need this pain."

I woke up after that.
Miss Perception

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