I just don't understand

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Taser Maniac
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I just don't understand

Postby Taser Maniac » 30 Aug 2017 14:48

I really need some help guys. This dream I had has hit me like a freight train. I don't normally dream, its a mild form of insomnia as ive been told but I get one every few weeks and they are usually semi lucid.

My ex broke up with me about 3 years ago. We were young but we had a baby together. The break up was hard for me mostly because I held on to the guilt for about the first two years. We did break up because of my actions and because of it i thought if I could just fix it things would be back together again. This past year I really got out of that state and really focused on fixing myself for myself and my son. I spend time with my son every week and provide what I can to help out my ex, its not a lot but its what I can manage as a college student. Anyways I see my ex every week I pick up my son and I know full and well I still love her. She is the mother of my son and she is a great mother but I'm at the point were ive accepted that this is where it ends.

Last night I had this dream where, im guessing, I'm this vampire and I finally tell her. Next thing I know she's in front of me smiling, holding my hand. Looking genuinely happy to be with me. Which i never see her like this on the real world anymore. Then she's in my coffin with me just sleeping but in my arms. She wakes up and leaves and starts texting me. Just talk and its pretty blurry but one message sticks out in my head. "Today I'm the blood dragon queen" winky emoji.

I woke up in an absolute dread just wishing to go back to sleep with her. It literally brought me to the tears I had when we first broke up. It felt like she broke up with me all over again. I hate this feeling and am so confused because I was in a good place yesterday just going through the days working towards a better future for myself. Any clarification would help me sort these feelings. I appreciate any time you all put in to this.

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Re: I just don't understand

Postby sunsetseventh » 29 Sep 2017 20:36

Your dream may seem erratic, but there is a logic here. Try to look at the dramatic action, first. Someone or something that isn't normally in good shape is in good shape now. You see your ex-gf who isn't usually happy, but is happy now. Both of you fall asleep in a coffin, which seems bad, but it isn't bad. In fact, it's good and normal. She texts you afterwards as if it was normal too. You even feel good when you wake up. The dream could be about your relationship to her, or you subconsciously have used it to tell yourself something using the feelings attached to your ex about something else in your life. Go with your gut feeling. Either way, if it is about your relationship or not, individually look at each symbol and look for a gut feeling as to what it means to you. Then add this to the dramatic action above and compare it to anything in your life right now.

So where in your life is something that isn't normally in good shape, in good shape right now? Your hunch is that if you get involved with it, emotionally, then it will seem bad, like a coffin, but in fact be relatively okay. When you keep going, it feels even more normal. Dreams help you face issues that are uncomfortable, but yield a big reward when honestly assessed. So go slow and remember, always go with an interpretation that makes life better. I hope my suggestions help you find your path better.

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