My brain prevents me from having LDs

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My brain prevents me from having LDs

Postby Mures » 03 Sep 2017 23:17


I've been trying to have lucid dreams for 2 weeks now. On the one hand, I've managed to have 7 Lucid Dreams so far (since Aug 19). The problem is that none of them lasted and my brain tricked me to stop me from staying Lucid !

(A smiley " :!: " in this topic mean an instance of my brain preventing me from having LDs) .

First of all, I noticed Reality Checks (RCs) don't work for me at all ! ( :!: ). My brain is trying to prevent me from knowing I'm dreaming. All 4 Reality checks I performed in my dreams have failed. I looked twice at the clock in a row and the hour remained the same, 12:33.
I also tried to breathe through my nose and I couldn't (that even failed twice). Same thing for the fingers through the palm.

A thing I noticed: those dreams were extremely vivid and not so bizarre, they felt real (even if not lucid), maybe that's why the 4 RCs failed?

Now a short overview of my Lucid Dreams (all of them were failures) :
The first Lucid Dream, I realized I was dreaming. Quickly dismissed it and quickly forgot I was dreaming and then stopped being lucid.
The Second I didn't try to stabilize and it lasted only 20 seconds, progressively fading out.
3rd LD: one I tried to stabilize but it lasted even less, like 5 seconds. ( :!: )
4th LD: I woke up after 10 seconds. At that point I started to fear not being able to stabilize my lucid dreams and not being able not to wake up (maybe that's what makes me wake up, what you fear often occurs in your dream)

5th LD: I realized it was a dream and I walked calmly around for 30 seconds and then woke up. Or did I? The dream faded out. I saw standard hypnagogia and what you see when you have the eyes closed. So I assumed I was awake. I instatly fell asleep again and I was not lucid anymore. I started a new dream so soon after I'm not sure the dream actually stopped. ( :!: )

6th one: same thing as the previous one. I tried to stabilize and to be calm but I woke up and then went to sleep again. Or did I? I record myself sleeping (I know that's weird) and I didn't record myself waking up. I remember waking up, looking at my smartphone and drinking water in the bathroom. But I have not recorded any awakening. So I know I didn't really woke up. My brain turned the dream into a false awakening to prevent me from lucid dreaming ( :!: )
The seventh I realized it was a dream. Wanted to stabilize, rubbed my hands. I was like "that feels so real". I must be rubbing my hands in real life. So I thought it was over and wanted to wake up. I took 30 seconds to wake up, only to have the strangest feeling ever.
I simultaneously felt myself, my dream body rubbing my hands, and my real hands which were under my head. It was like I had 4 hands at the same time, and they felt so real. It was SO WEIRD.

Can anyone help me? I fear I'm not able to stabilize my dream and beat my inconscious.

PS : Not native english speaker, sorry for the mistakes.

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Re: My brain prevents me from having LDs

Postby Sean Jacobs » 07 Sep 2017 14:54

Hi Mures.

I'm not sure if you really need much help if you managed to realize you were dreaming 7 times in 14 days. That is fantastic! Realizing you are dreaming is often the most difficult part of lucid dreaming. Getting lucid often give you opportunities to practice everything else you need to do.

I do have some suggestions: 1. When you realize you are dreaming you must stay calm and do not think about your sleeping body back in the real world. If you get to excited and/or think about your real body it will cause you to wake up. 2. Now that you are calm and engage all of your senses. Look closely at your surroundings; listen for any sounds around you; touch stuff (your cloths, your face, any objects around you, etc), take a deep breath through your nose and see what you smell, taste something (lick your hand, lick any object around you, etc). Engaging your sense will cause your mind to stay engaged with the dream world which will stabilize your dream. 3. Have a plan of what you want to do in your dream & before you sleep every night review your plan in as much detail as possible (example: I am going to fly). Having a plan will help you to focus. 4. Speak out loud as much as possible in your dream. Say everything you are doing (I'm touching my face. I can smell fresh baked cookies. I am going to fly. I'm dreaming). Also, if you want to do something and have trouble say it out loud and really mean it. (This is my dream and I can fly!).

I hope this helps.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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Re: My brain prevents me from having LDs

Postby Mures » 16 Sep 2017 22:06

Thanks for your help.

I've made four other lucid dreams since my last post and I've improved myself.

The first lucid dream, unfortunately didn't last for more than mere seconds before turning into another False Awakening.

After this one I decided to do something: the first thing I'll do upon waking up will be making Reality Checks and wondering whether I'm in a dream or not.

Next lucid dream was pretty short. I just walked around in a cold night with two moons. Everything was very vivid. I forgot I was in a dream at some point;

3rd lucid dream was closer to a success. I realized I was in a dream because some impossible things happened and even though I had no control over anything except my movements, everything was really vivid and the sky was wonderful with multiples planets and nebulas. 2 moons.
Lasted 3 to 5 minutes before I was woken up in real life by my alarm going off.

4th lucid dream was last night and the most successful so far. It began as a DILD. Lasted two minutes without control before having a false awakening. However, as soon as I woke up in the false awakening, I performing 2 reality checks and one of them was positive. I was in a dream. I had not really a control as the dream unfolded a story but I was aware. That lasted for about 2 minutes before I had to flee from someone. To flee, as I was aware, I tried to fly but I had not enough control. After many attemps I managed to make roughly 7 meters high leaps. That was about my first success controlling a dream. Afterwards I managed to create multiple dream characters with a technique I read, they were not the character I wanted to summon, but still I managed to summon people in my dream. After that I forgot I was in a dream and it got blurry. Lasted at least 5 minutes.

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