Should I Switch to FILD and/or WILD

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Should I Switch to FILD and/or WILD

Postby Waffles » 11 Sep 2017 16:33

Hi everyone, my question is whether I should switch to trying FILD and/or WILD?

I have just completed my fourth month of consistent lucid dreaming practice. My practice has focused on dream journaling, 20-30 reality checks a day, short mediation sessions, and MILD. I have greatly improved my dream recall from rarely remembering a dream to recalling two or three a night. Unfortunately, so far I have only once gotten close to having a lucid dream on day 20, and it did not relate to my lucid dreaming practice. I looked into a mirror and my eyes were cartoonishly large and much like the Hypotoad on Futurama (Youtube it, it is better than any written description I could give). I said, “That sure is odd, oh wait I must be dreaming” Then I immediately woke up. Since then I have not had any additional experiences. Reality checks have not shown up in my dreams nor have I questioned whether I was dreaming or not. I have also tried the WBTB method, but have a lot of trouble getting back to sleep after being up for more than fifteen minutes.

The traditional practice for lucid dreaming does not seem to be working for me. It is my understanding that FILD and WILD are different from DILD and MILD in that you try to maintain awareness while falling sleep instead of relying on your ability to become aware inside a dream. I would like to drop the reality checks, mediation, and MILD. I would replace it with a month of consistent FILD or WILD practice. Then switch induction techniques to the other one after a month if no success. After the additional two months, I would accept that my learning curve for this is very high and move on to more productive hobbies although I would like to continue the dream journaling.

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Re: Should I Switch to FILD and/or WILD

Postby LoneDreamer » 12 Sep 2017 10:53

I also have trouble using MILD. I had been practicing for two months and didn't have any LD. Then I tried FILD. I had a small LD. After that I sometimes tried FILD on some days. But no success. And Yesterday night I tried FILD, but instead had a DILD. Here's my opinion, keep doing dream journaling doing reality checks, it helps. And try FILD, FILD is just one of the techniques for getting WILD.
Hope this helps. :D

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