Sleep paralysis inside of a dream? Lights won't turn on.

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Sleep paralysis inside of a dream? Lights won't turn on.

Postby Naty11 » 12 Sep 2017 12:17

I "woke up" this morning and clicked the light switcher, which i can click without moving out of bed. Lights wouldn't turn on. Then I grabbed the phone to give me some light, but the phone wouldn't turn on either.

I got up from bed and i went straight to the window, trying to open it to get light in. It was super hard to walk, and when i opened it, no light came in at all. For a moment I felt that I had of two bodies, one was there opening the window, and the other one was still in bed. Then I realized I had actually never left bed.

I called my mum, and she came in. She gave me my phone and she turned it on. It worked, but it was wierd and its light was very faded. Then my mum disappeared, and that's when I realized it was a dream. I told to myself "hey, if this is a lucid dream, I should try to do stuff and have fun".

But I couldn't get up of bed! I try to get up, do something like open the window or turn the light on in a different room, and then when something goes wrong (lights wont turn on) i realize i am still in bed and never left.

It couldn't be sleep paralysis because I could move and get up, but none of my actions had any effect and after a while I reappeared in bed as if I never left.

Finally, I took the phone again, and this time it turned on as usual, showing me the usual ton of notifications, 99% of which I dont give a damn about. Lights also turned on as usual.

However, I didn't believe I was awake. I actually honestly had the feeling that it could also be a dream, because I didn't get that feeling of "waking up", all that happened is that the phoned was now working again and it wasn't before. So I grabbed a book and start reading to make sure it all made sense. And it did. Finally, I was awake. Its wierd cuz its always hard to tell if you are dreaming or not while dreaming, but it should always be easy to tell if you are dreaming or not while you are awake.

I feel very confused, because first nothing works and nothing turns on, and then, I grab the phone and it suddenly works. Lights suddenly work as well. But I don't remember "waking up" in between. Was it a dream? Was I awake and hallucinating? Can you wake up from a dream without realizing? And then you realize when things function as normal?

It's been a very wierd night and I thought I could share it with you. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Sleep paralysis inside of a dream? Lights won't turn on.

Postby flowofmysoul » 12 Sep 2017 12:33

Not SP, it was just a series of false awakenings. Next time try to check time on the clock in your room or on your phone and see if it matches with real time when you wake up. It is also fun to observe how everything is little bit different in your room, try to look in a mirror and see how you look like.

Make a habit of not going out on a balcony or any other dangerous zone in your house when you wake up. Its rare but you might experience a long series of false awakenings, like 20+ of them and when you will wake up for real you might still question the reality and might do something stupid.

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Re: Sleep paralysis inside of a dream? Lights won't turn on.

Postby Naty11 » 13 Sep 2017 00:56

That definitely makes sense. It's very interesting how powerful the mind is! Thanks for the info and the advices!

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Re: Sleep paralysis inside of a dream? Lights won't turn on.

Postby Claire » 26 Mar 2018 14:44

It is weird that the lights never work in false awakening. My bedside lamp is the first thing I check when I'm not entirely sure if it's just a dream or another awakening. I explored 5 different versions of my house and always checked the mirror and time. In the mirror I see my reflection from behind. Always. So I tricked it by putting a hand mirror in front of my face. My face was smudged. Also sometimes it takes me back in time, waking up in my old bedroom with all furniture set up same like when I was a kid and all in my family were way younger. I checked calendar, it was very hard to concentrate and pick up the numbers but I finally saw the year, it was 2006. In the mirror I also noticed my hairdo was from back then. Did this ever occur to anyone? I'm new here and the very reason I made an account is caus I came across your post. I just wish to make something out to why this happens to me at least 6 times every night after 3:30 or so.

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