2 interesting musical WILD experience

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2 interesting musical WILD experience

Postby RedKryptonite » 12 Sep 2017 13:21

Hi Everyone,several weeks ago I attempted to induce a WILD for the first time on 2 consecutive nights,I used the "Anchor technique",a technique that induces a WILD via the use of soft music:

Both attempts were failures(on a technicality anyway on the first night),but nonetheless I feel the experience is interesting enough to share:

1st night - I honestly had a LOT of trouble falling asleep,I actually wonder if it was because I stayed up too long using WBTB (Like with other WILD methods,WBTB is an essential tool) resulting in that. On the bright side,I did experience some very intense hypnagogia,it was a very similar experience when I made a brief try at meditation a few years back,I was hallucinating all sorts of images and bright colors. I did eventually fall asleep in the morning but here's the irony. I experienced a DILD rather than a WILD.

At first,I had a brief dream where my sister and mom were sleeping in the same room as me,I was laying in bed besides my mom,and she was tickling me preventing me from relaxing/falling asleep(in my dream)until I got so angry,I yelled at her and she stopped. I felt guilty for yelling at her,but then my sister told me its time to go to school,which confused the hell out of me,because it was just the start of the weekend so there isn't supposed to be school. All throughout that dream,I was still hearing the music I set up playing but I paid no heed to it until that ended and I experienced a false awakening.

I did my nose pinch RC and much to my surprise,I was actually already dreaming! and indeed,I was still hearing the music I set up. Unfortunately,I woke up for real after only a few seconds. Damn it. I failed to induce a WILD,but got a brief DILD instead. a failure on a technicality,but at least I got some very interesting experience out of it :mrgreen:

2nd Night - Complete failure,because I once again had a lot of trouble falling asleep(I reduced the time I stayed up for WBTB but still ended up staying up too long,argh!)but I gave up my induction attempt after an hour or so. On the bright side again,I again experienced some really intense hypnagogia,even my potent than my first night. I was literally seeing animated/Anime characters whom I've never seen before,like my mind just conjured up some brand new characters. and then I started seeing big balls of colors. Man,I may have failed to induce an LD,but this was an interesting experience nonetheless.

I would probably succeed with more attempts,but I decided to put off WILD for the mean time and focus on my main method DILD. I'm planning to get into meditation after a certain author I trust releases his book on it. Meditation and WILD are similar enough that I feel that if I get into meditation and get good at that,my transition to WILD will be much smoother. I actually haven't attempted a LD in quite awhile (real life issues and worries have bombarded me. argh! :x )but I'm planning to get back into the game,starting by doing my standard DILD technique tonight. wish me luck :)

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Re: 2 interesting musical WILD experience

Postby LoneDreamer » 12 Sep 2017 15:37

Cool, I have tried the anchor technique some few days ago, but I failed miserably. :P

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