I get stuck in my dream

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I get stuck in my dream

Postby Hiddeninnocence » 14 Sep 2017 04:43

Please excuse me if I put this post in the wrong spot. I haven't used a forum in well over a decade and I'm a bit rusty.

I honestly can't remember when I started lucid dreaming if that is what I am doing. I discussed this issue with a very close close friend and she mentioned the term lucid dreaming and thus I find myself here.
It used to be infrequent so I never paid much attention to it. The last several months, however, I've been "lucid dreaming" a lot and it's been really fun and refreshing but lately I've been getting stuck in my dream.

I am very much aware I am dreaming but when I know it's time to get up I can't wake up. Well, I kinda do but not physically. I feel like I am getting up, putting my glasses on etc but I'm not physically up. Does that make sense? I started setting an alarm and it worked for a while but today I took a nap and my dream was awesome but I knew it was time to get up and I started reaching for the awakeness (I just made that word up) and then I got stuck. I could hear the alarm but it seemed far away and it didn't shock me awake like it used to. I was literally stuck in the in between. I knew I was dreaming I clearly knew it but the dream wouldn't let go.
I woke up when I started to panic about picking my children up from school on time.
What is this?
How did this happen?
How does this happen?
How can I get control over it again?
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Re: I get stuck in my dream

Postby Sph2o » 22 Oct 2017 04:08

There have been times when I've been stuck in a dream and this is what I've done.

Only wake from a dream when you fully wish to.
This comes mostly from it getting too weird or too boring, but waiting to see which way it turns usually helps in becoming more decisive and determined to wake up.

Become aware of your senses.
I've actually had times when I've waken myself from a dream because I'm aware of what is going around me while I'm dreaming (like a thunderstorm outside or another member of the household up at night) and my awareness of reality and wanting to wake to be a part of it has helped in waking myself up.

The Big Red Button
This the the technique that I've found to work the most consistently. Make a habit of waking yourself up by a physical action in your dream world. In other words, if you are prompted to wake up from a lucid dream, actually make a certain thing within a dream be the cause to wake yourself up, such as a button or a switch. You can imagine this object as being something you need to summon to you or you could just carry it in your pocket as you go about your dream. To me at least, this makes the action of waking myself up a simpler task.

Know when to sleep it off
Constantly waking myself up from a dream that I didn't care for can take a toll. Most dreams occur during deep sleep which is vital when earning a good nights rest. So when you can, avoid forcing yourself to wake up when you can, by doing things like monitoring when REM occurs in your usual sleep pattern (this can be learned through sleep apps) and matching the time when you need to wake up to match when you're most likely to be a light form of sleep, which is easier to wake up to anyway. I hope this helps.

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Re: I get stuck in my dream

Postby Sarahlvd » 23 Oct 2017 09:01

I'm so glad I found this post! This has been happening to me too and it's so frightening sometimes, in my dream I'll want to wake up so I go back into my bed in the dream and try to wake up that way and if feels as though I am, like you said it's like waking up but not really and it happens over and over, seconds feel like hours and when I do finally wake up I feel so exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open!

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Re: I get stuck in my dream

Postby Sph2o » 04 Nov 2017 07:39

You bring up an interesting point Sarahlvd

If in the case you find the nightmare frightening or stressful it may also help as often as it sounds to stay in the dream long enough to determine its cause of being there. Dreams often come out of influence of your day to day life and can bring about insights into your psyche as a whole.

Nightmares, for example, can be experienced most often when a person is nervous or under stress and allowing your mind to make more aware the source in your anxiety implicated in the dream may provide insight into the details of the cause. Weed the concern out by the roots, sort to speak. All the better if you are lucid enough to wake yourself up, but before you do perhaps take notes of the reoccurring themes or feelings within the dream and you'll be more likely to better recall and discover what's on your mind to provoke the nightmare. From then, the task should open itself up to repair. Remember, you're lucid, you are in control and with practice, you can leave whenever you see fit.

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