I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

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The Lone Wolf
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I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

Postby The Lone Wolf » 16 Sep 2017 02:30

Hi there. So as a HSP person I dream a lot! I remember 3-4 dreams every night and I even remember several dreams from childhood till now (37yo).

My non lucid dream are very vivid! I've been lucid many times but I always face the same issues. They are blurry, very short and I always wake up.

Now I tried the most used tricks like rubbing your hands, spinning around, saying commandos but none of them work for me. I also don't get anxious as I had so many already so that ain't the problem either.

Basically when I'm lucid my mind doesn't listen to me at all >< I had dreams where I was alone and asked for people to show up, nothing! Last night I was semi lucid and could jump very high but at one point it didn't work anymore no matter how hard I try.

Same story with OBE very blurry and short.

I don't have a method as it comes naturally to me if it happens but I tried the WILD technique but I get scared because once the heart and breathing goes very slow my body paralysis and that tipping point feeling comes I chicken out because it feels like I am going to die.

Anyone had similar problems and conquered it?

It's very frustrating when you read some amazing stories but just can't get to that point.

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Re: I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

Postby baccuss » 23 Sep 2017 09:50


And curious. I have similar problems. and not similar problems.

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Re: I had many lucid dreams but the quality sucks!

Postby DreamingForReal » 25 Sep 2017 02:38

If you want someone to show up and it doesn't happen, imagine them showing up in your mind and pretend they are there. This is what I tried and then the person was there for real (in my dream anyway).

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