So about this WILD stuff...

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So about this WILD stuff...

Postby Nate » 04 Oct 2017 14:59

Hey everyone, my name's Nate.

I'm a 20 year old junior engineering student, and I have some weird circumstances. I pretty much do the opposite of everything that you're supposed to do to lucid dream. I have a very delayed circadian rhythm (I generally stay awake 20-22 hours and sleep 8-10 hours. Yes, this makes class scheduling hard since my day is essentially 30 hours long), I don't keep a DJ, I don't know my dream signs or do reality checks, etc etc.

Firstly, I've been lucid dreaming since around 1st grade or so, when I became lucid during a nightmare. In fact, I didn't really realize that lucid dreaming was an unusual thing until fairly recently. I was talking to some friends about lucid dreaming and I came to realize that everyone didn't have LDs, so I became more conscious of it. That night, I actively thought about what I wanted to dream about. However, instead of slipping into sleep and having an LD during the night sometime, I skipped the intermediate step. It kinda freaked me out, cuz in my head I was still awake and conscious (could still feel my bed and move around if I wanted), but I was having the vivid hallucinations of an LD and could touch and feel the objects in my dream. Unfortunately, the shock of actually touching my hallucinations while feeling awake made me pretty much immediately lose concentration and I lost it. A few days ago, though, the same situation happened. I was slightly more prepared, but still lost the LD after like 30 seconds.

However, I was still pretty ecstatic about having done it again, however briefly. I started doing my first bit of research online about lucid dreaming and what the heck was going on, and ended up finding a page on wake-induced lucid dreams. I'm not positive that that's what this is, but from what I read it seems like it. From what I've seen, it seems like WILDs are generally supposed to be pretty hard to achieve. So, I thought, since I'm doing everything wrong, why did I get one? My only guess from the limited research I've done on sleep and dreaming is that I was able to have a WILD because of my terrible sleep cycle. Apparently, when sleep deprived (like rn, I've been awake for just over 50 hours >_>), your body skips its normal phases of entering sleep and goes more or less straight into REM sleep, where dream happens. This could be why I felt like I went straight from being awake to being in a LD?

This mini-WILD was what prompted me to find a forum and ask about it. So that's me. If I were to ask for advice from you LD pros out there, it would be on how to prolong/stabilize your dreams? Also, everyone talks about their lucid dreams being extremely vivid - mine aren't. I've pretty much always been in control of them and self-aware, but the dreams themselves aren't generally very focused.

Anyways, I've always just had my own perspective on how my dreams were supposed to be, and I'm pretty new to this whole scene in terms of actually perfecting lucid dreaming. I look forward to meeting y'all and hopefully improving my LDs in the process! :)

Oh also its been 50 hours and I cant sleep halp

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Re: So about this WILD stuff...

Postby Sean Jacobs » 04 Oct 2017 20:54

Welcome Nate.

You are one of the lucky ones who starts lucid dreaming very young. Typically those people have a much easier time lucid dreaming on a regular basis.

Sorry about your sleep issue, however it it isn't impacting your health than it may not be an issue for you.

As far as prolong/stabilizing your dreams: 1. Plan what you will do in your next dream when you become lucid. Really spend some time visualizing everything you will do, this way you will be calmly prepared. 2. When you become lucid, stay calm (this is where your planning comes in). Getting excited can easily wake you up. 3. Say out loud in a loud confident voice, "I'm Dreaming!" This helps to focus on the fact you are dreaming and sets your expectation that you are in a dream world and helps prevent you from slipping back into a regular dream state. Speaking out loud to yourself is very helpful throughout the dream. 4. Engage your senses (Look at the amazing detail your mind has created, touch things in your surroundings (rub your hands together), take a deep breath (what do you smell?), listen for any sounds including your own voice, even taste something in your environment. This solidifies the dream because it seems so incredibly real and it draws your attention to your dream body which makes things more realistic to your mind. 5. Now follow your plan.

Things to avoid: Keep your eyes open (no need to blink in a dream). Closing your eyes can lead you to wake up or have a false awakening. And, avoid sexual contact (at least until you get really good at lucid dreaming). Sex is a can lead you to wake up or have a false awaking very easily (I am speaking from experience).

I hope this helps.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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