Promblem with WILD

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Promblem with WILD

Postby LucidDreamiing » 05 Oct 2017 13:50

So I've been lucid dreaming for a couple months now, I started after one of my good friends told me about lucid dreaming. Ive had some lucod dreams here and there when I do have a lucid dream they tend to be a good amount of time my longest one was about 30 minutes real time but they are never too realistic ive recently gotten more serious about lucid dreaming ive started to try and preform reality checks every hour or so ive started meditating every day and im going to get a dream journal soon most of my lucid dreams have been DILD ive just been in a dream and realised I was dreaming ive had one successful FILD at the very begining of my time lucid dreaming then it never worked again ive tried MILD here and there but its never really worked and now for WILD ive tried WILD a few times but every time I get anywhere i start thinking about sleep paralysis and get afraid so I move this happens every time I try WILD like I will spend the day telling my self tonight I will do WILD and not be afraid but come night time im trying to do it and get afraid I know its kind of dumb to be afraid of such a natural thing that happenes to you every night when you go to sleep but I can't seem to get passed it and I was wondering if anyone had any advice that could help me thanks.

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Re: Promblem with WILD

Postby ThePurple » 06 Oct 2017 01:48


Perhaps it depends on the particulars of your WILD technique, but in my experience, I tend to skip over most sleep paralysis sensations entirely. It is a complete myth that you have to endure a demon on your chest in order to enter a lucid dream directly.

That said, when I have felt SP effects, they more often fascinate than frighten me. Be curious; make it a thriller, not a horror. It's true, in combination with hypnagogic halucinations of strange loud noises, it can be quite overwhelming, but that doesn't have to lead to fear. It's a rollercoaster, baby, enjoy the ride!

BUT, often it's just a very subtle heaviness. I quite like the sensation soaking through my limbs, like relaxation beyond relaxation. I think the fear comes for many when it reaches the chest; it's easy to think that you are suffocating. But what you're really experiencing is sleep breathing, a completely different shape and depth, which you have never seen consciously before. It feels so foreign, something must be wrong! But all is good. Again, if you think of it as a new layer of relaxation, it can be quite interesting to observe.

Hope that helps?

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