My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy ghost

Postby Dipak » 18 Oct 2017 12:12

Chapter - 60

Increase of spiritual power

275) 21st November, 1977, Monday.
Early morning dream: One of my class mates Debasish said to me, ‘Dipak, I saw you in a dream with a very healthy figure’. Saying this he gave an explanation which could not be remembered later on. Then I told him, ‘See, you have not seen me. Your divine consciousness has taken my figure—He is God’.
After saying this, I stood silently making comments to myself with a great grief and sorrow, ‘Hang it, why he has seen me instead of Jibankrishna in his dream! Ah! He could have seen him’! I went on uttering these to myself shedding tears with great sorrow. Here the dream went off.

[The robust health of the seer indicates the high spiritual power and the dream also indicates that the seer is not accepting such condition that anyone sees him instead of Jibankrishna in the dream. This means that the seer has become devoid of egoism.]

Achievement of ‘Shivatva’ or Oneness

276) 22nd November, 1977, Tuesday.
Early morning dream: I saw a serpent with two heads on both-the ends. Somebody said, ‘This serpent is like this type’. Then and there I saw myself walking with that serpent encircling my neck with hoods erected, just like Lord Shiva’s picture. Then the dream went off.

[The dream indicates the achievement of Lord Shiva’s entity or in other words the Oneness.]

Establishment of the realizations of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti
within the body

277) 22nd November, 1977.
After the first dream I woke up and again fell asleep and had this dream: I was seated in a room where many devotees of Jibankrishna were also seated. A discussion was raised about one of my dream which I saw long time back
The dream was thus: Jibankrishna was reading ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’( Bengali book written by Jibankrishna himself) and along with Arun Ghosh, another devotee I was hearing with a very reluctant position. Then I thought that I should not listen in such a way and so I was about to sit straight in a meditation posture. But someone said, ‘There is no need of sitting in such a way; You go on listening in your previous posture’.
Hearing this dream Indranath Mukherjee and Raghunath Sen said ‘This is indicating also the higher stage of Arun Ghosh’. I said, ‘Besides this there are other meanings - one is, it shows that when one gets God-the-Preceptor within him, he gets pillow to lean (saying of Sri Ramkrishna); Secondly, the realizations of ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti are being established in me’. Hearing this Khitish Roy Choudhury said, ‘How is it possible?’ I r said, ‘Although it is not at par Jibankrishna, but of the next stage . Moreover, Jibankrishna said in my first dream (Feb. 1972 and confirmed on 7.7.74)—You will write the 2nd and 3rd part of Dharma-O-Anubhuti .
This also means that the realizations of the 2nd and 3rd part will be established within the body’.
After hearing this everybody said, ‘Yes, it is correct’. Then I woke up.

[The first dream is a confirmation of the previous two dreams seen on 21.3.77 and 16.11.77 which indicated that the seer had the 75% divinity and this dream is the proof by showing the seer with the same entity of Lord Shiva.]

The indication of future publicity of Diamond and new phase of austerity of the seer

278) 25th November, 1977, Friday.
Early morning dream : Ragunath Sen, a companion of Diamond was telling somebody about the latest spiritual condition of mine explaining that my condition was such that I became incapable of scrutinizing the examination papers of the students and some other persons should do it. Hearing this I was going somewhere with a bunch of examination papers. Meanwhile I noticed that in some very young boys some of Diamond’s sayings were manifested. Seeing this I said to a young boy, ‘see, each saying of Diamond is a seed and that seed is fallen in each human being; wherever it gets favorable condition, it will be manifested. It is just like seeds which are carried by birds and germinate in favorable conditions. Next I noticed a building which belonged to me. On the back side there was a lot of open space. Big holes were seen in rows for planting of fruit plants and these were nine in numbers. Meanwhile I saw that my next brother Asit was going to transplant some vegetable seedlings beside those holes. I told him, ‘The saplings of fruit plants will be planted here, you better transplant the vegetable seedlings in that area.’ Saying this pointed out that particular place which was ready for transplantation. So he went there for transplanting. So he went there for transplanting and the dream went off.

[The first scene indicates the superior spiritual condition of the seer. The second part of the first scene indicates the future when Diamond will be manifested in innumerable young generations.
After some years the manifestation of Diamond was observed in many young generations in many places.
The second scene indicates that new realizations will occur in the seer in both long term and short term basis, as fruit plants give fruit after long years and vegetables are short term crops.

This came true in the long run when the seer was having innumerable divine realizations within him.]

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