Can't wake up! Help please :(

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Can't wake up! Help please :(

Postby Sarahlvd » 23 Oct 2017 09:10

So I was having a dream, can't remember what about exactly but I 'woke up', picked up my daughter from her cot and took her down stairs but as I walked into the living room it was gone.. it was just grass and mud. I started to get pretty scared but then it hit me, I'm dreaming! So I thought to myself okay I'll just go back upstairs put my dsughter down and go to sleep which I did.

I then woke up again only this time I couldn't properly wake up, my eyes wouldn't open fully and I felt half asleep still, something just didn't feel right But anyway I went over to my bedroom door and opened it but as I did that I woke up again in my bed very confused and scared. This time my vision was much worse and as I tried to get out of bed my balance was all off and I couldn't walk properly, like I was drunk I suppose. I realised I might still be dreaming after this and stumbled back into bed to wake up properly, at this point it started to feel like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from!

I woke up again and this time I could barely open my eyes at all, only for a second then they would close again and i couldn't get out of bed! I was terrified I wasn't going to wake up for real, I'm not sure how many times this occurred but it felt like many times, I started shouting "wake me up!" But the words just wouldn't come out of my mouth, I couldn't talk, move or open my eyes for more than a second. I was desperate to wake up and after what seemed like hours, I finally woke up but it took me a few seconds to realise I wasn't dreaming still!

That was my first ever dream where I was aware that I was dreaming and since then it's happened a lot, but it's always me trying to wake up, I'll wake up start doing things and realise it's still a dream and then try to wake up again, now though I get so annoyed that I just act out my morning routine knowing it's a dream hoping that I'll just wake up normally, I feel the dream fade away into darkness and I'll wake up!... into another dream of waking up... it's at the point where it happens atleast 5 times a week! What do I Do??

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Re: Can't wake up! Help please :(

Postby Juckles » 15 Nov 2017 18:06

might sound a little morbid but killing yourself in a dream wakes you up summon a gun into existance and shoot yourself in the dream if that doesn't work talk to your subconscious and ask why wont it let you wake up or you can just wait for your rem sleep period to end and you just wake up because after rem sleep is done it's impossible to dream

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