The shadow man doesn't scare me, as much.

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Cletus VanDamme
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The shadow man doesn't scare me, as much.

Postby Cletus VanDamme » 26 Oct 2017 15:56

I read a little bit about dark entities before I had encountered one. Didn't pay too much attention to the subject because I've never seen one.
It happened. He was on my back. I was trying to fight, prying his hands off of me. Then trying to slam him against the wall. I could see his face over my shoulder. He was bald with an expressionless face. Dark but not African.
The one thing that I got from reading was, to relax and it will pass. I stopped fighting and calmed down. He was gone real fast. So then I went to explore the dream world as usual.

The next night, I was getting ready to sleep, and was getting nervous about seeing it again. This time it was terrifying! A huge black shape with horns and angry eyes. Instantly I calmed down, and it started to come apart and disappear.

Last night it was on my back again. I didn't want to look at it. But I thought to analyze the situation. I tried to struggle. The harder I tried to move, the harder it would hold me. There is no way to fight it. After that I got rid of it and went on to the dream world. Please let this be some kind of subconscious manifestation and not some kind of foreign entity.

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Re: The shadow man doesn't scare me, as much.

Postby Sph2o » 04 Nov 2017 08:35

There are a few choice things that may be the cause of such a terrifying dream.

One, "The Old Hag," as it is often known, is the phenomenon of finding yourself completely helpless at the mercy of a terrifying figure, often seen by your bed or even on your chest that renders your movement. This is caused earlier from when you go to sleep or wake up and there are some interesting ideas to why this occurs, most commonly attributed o sleep paralysis.

The other is that this is a figure that may have been due to recent stress or tension. Your brain and dreams as a whole has been theorized to help simulate experiences that may help you improve and cope better in your everyday life, which can result in nightmares. So finding the source of what may have invoked this dream, which most likely would have happened in the deeper REM sleep may be enough to put this shadow man out of your dreams. If this is the case, take note of your thoughts and feelings during these dreams and go from there.

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Re: The shadow man doesn't scare me, as much.

Postby promo » 26 Jan 2018 09:56

If any dark entities appear during your LD's or when you experience sleep paralysis you can call upon Jesus and your guardians to protect/free you. After that you should have no issues as long as you keep your aura cleansed of negative energy.

I had to battle a lot of dark entities when I first got into meditation and learning about LD's some of them were just mental/emotional manifestations but others were third party negative entities. But what I found was those third party ones avoid you once you consciously choose to not feed into them, they loose they're foothold as if you have just overcame an addiction or bad habit.

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