Lotus Flower Dream

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Lotus Flower Dream

Postby Bluelotus1 » 27 Oct 2017 02:40

Hi y'all. The dream I am sharing happened a few years back but I still remember it vividly to this day. First I have to give you a little background information before I get into my dream. If you want to skip right to the dream I'll put a :arrow: right next to it.

A little over two years ago I was a senior at college getting ready to graduate. My first semester that year I broke down one night and realized that what I had spent studying for the past 3 years was not what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. My grades slipped and I fell into a deep depression. I spent the winter break talking to doctors but want feeling any better. But I decided to go back to school that last semester and get my degree regardless of how I felt.

I was taking an outdoor leadership class that semester. We had a 24 solo night camping trip in the local woods as one of our assignments. We had no technology on us, not even a watch. Just food, water, a notebook, pen and a tent. I fell asleep early into the night and had the craziest dream of my life.

:arrow: The dream: I'm in a valley looking across a river and I'm determined to cross that river no matter what. I approach the water and huge black objects appear in the river and block the path across. I get upset and frustrated that I can't reach the other side and it seems to be a complete failure. Out of nowhere a woman with blonde hair appears in the shore next to me. She doesn't have a face but I recognize her as someone I've known for forever. We embrace and I feel the most intense love and warmth I have ever felt. She then grabs me a little tighter and we fly up into the air and eventually are at birds eye view over the river. I look down and all those dark objects were now beautiful and vibrant lotus flowers. They were all different colors and so breathtaking. I began to cry tears of joy and was overwhelmed by pure beauty of the flowers.

I woke up and was in disbelief about what I had just experienced. I wrote it all down in my notebook before I could forget. The message I got from the dream was that you can look at situations and experiences in your lives in different ways. If something goes wrong you can be upset and depressed about it all you want about it or you can change your perspective and look at the situation in a positive way. Something that can seem to be bad can actually be great. You just need to look at it differently. I started to apply this message to my situation looked at life in a different way. I could continue to be depressed and feel sorry or myself or be happy that I realized that I wanted a different path career wise now while I'm young.

I've done some research since that dream and it almost sounds like an ayahuasca vision. Ayahuasca has been known for its DMT potency and for its lesson like dreams. Graham Hancock a popular advocate for DMT has also described a woman known as mother ayahuasca or Mother Earth appearing in ayahuasca sessions. The way he has described her sounds and feels familiar to the woman in my dream. I know DMT is produced in the human pineal gland and I've been thinking that perhaps I had a DMT vision? Idk but it's so intriguing lol

I've been applying this message everyday to different situations in my life. I've learned more about myself everyday thanks to this dream. Thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts please share!

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Re: Lotus Flower Dream

Postby CMSBile » 02 Jun 2018 20:39

That's soo cool and also a really good lesson

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