To Vividly, Fully Remember A Dream

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To Vividly, Fully Remember A Dream

Postby CosmickGold » 27 Oct 2017 07:47

I had one dream a year ago, that I woke up fully remembering in every detail. Printing it all took up three sheets of printing paper!

For a year, I've wondered how I did that? What was the magic that enabled that dream to be fully remembered all day?

Only this week, I figured it out: At the end of the dream -- as I was starting to wake up -- I thought the words, "I want to remember this dream and write it all down".

I think that was it! I programed myself to remember the dream, by stating that desire within the dream before waking from it!!!

Could it be that simple? Is all we need to do to remember our dreams is to tell our dreamimg mind we want to remember?

Perhaps the only hard part is remembering to state this desire at the end of a dream.

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Re: To Vividly, Fully Remember A Dream

Postby Juckles » 15 Nov 2017 18:00

yes that simple i think of rem sleep dreams like a garbage ben for memorys but you can tell your subconscious dont throw these fragments away, writing in a journal about your dreams is partly doing that now

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