My most vivid dream yet

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My most vivid dream yet

Postby Sanadorreyes » 27 Oct 2017 12:15

I just had this 'dream' and I had to share it somewhere.

Some context: I was lucid dreaming as far as I can remember. Starting at the age of 6 where I would escape my frequent nightmares by realizing it is a dream and forcing myself awake. From then, I learnt how to fly, then telekinesis, and now pretty much manipulate dream reality. So I have been a regular lucid dreamer without knowing what it was and it is so frequent that even when Im not actually lucid, I still have those innate powers in every dream.

A couple years ago, a friend bought me this book "a field guide to lucid dreaming,". I considered myself a veteren so I was surprised to read the 5th stage, that was talking to your subconscious. (Which I had never done). Couple months after, I was going through depression and in the middle of a crazy dream. I came lucid. I walked into a classroom and saw 5-6 girls I knew from my childhood, and they all spoke "everything is going to be okay" simultaneously. I knew straight away that was my subconscious, and the words felt very comforting.

So a regular nightmare dream I have, I wake up from my bed... walk around my house in the dark at night and get tormented by a creature in the dark. My 'reality check' for years is, if you doubt your in a dream, it's a fucking dream. You always know when your awake right? I always get a dream in a dream in a dream x23626 where i'm fighting to be awake, going through layers and layers of dreams where I keep 'waking up' in bed. In my dream, I actually wake up if I die: so I would kill myself, or walk into darkness to be tormented over and over again until I actually wake up.

Dream I had today: at night, I woke up from my bed and went to the living room. I was very sleepy and my vision was blurred but I was still walking around. I thought 'is this a dream?' But then I thought it couldn't have been, it's too real. Long story cut short, there was weird shit in the living room and I woke up. I was angry at myself for ignoring my reality check; I doubted reality but chose to think it's real. So I fell asleep again and it's a similar dream. I woke up from my bed and it's very dark, the corridor outside is even darker, with the other end pitch black. I always think, "is this a dream?", just when I thought it wasn't, I remembered the previous dream and hence my reality check. It must be a dream, so I I run across the dark corridor into the void. If it was real, I would've hit the bathroom door, but I didn't. My legs got lifted up and I was tossed around in complete darkness. I was shaken, flipped, thrown in this void but I was just fighting it. Then, I actually feel something in this void, the ends close in. I'm in a box and it's getting smaller, I push back as hard as I can, and I escape. I'm still in this void right now, floating in space and it's pitch black. I thought: I'm lucid, This is an opportunity. I make my hands visible, and there clear as day. Now I need to make land, so I conjure up grass. Now I need light, so just when I'm thinking of poetic looking landscape, flood lights come on. I'm in a very large room with lots of people. Floor and walls are white filled with lots of people. I ask these guys that I need to speak to my subconscious and they readily scurry off in frantic in search of it. There was a clear hierarchy of authority between them. Then I was given a speech, which I hardly listened to. I was just excited that I was lucid. I did a test, I summoned the dead by muttering "zombies", from which they burst out of the mirrors surrounding the room interrupting the speech. When they got too close, I clicked my fingers and they all burst into fire, with the people not even phased (I have done it before in my lucid dreams of hunting zombies). I am sat with a few individuals. One is my dad, who says "I am dying now,"
I cry, "you can't die", where he replies "your real dad is still out there, but I am going now, but before you I go, you must know your family name, janwar.. and ... ... ...' -loads of other names I can't remember. There are two sisters around me, faces and features I clearly remember, they comfort me, "she's coming soon". An ethnic girl walks in, and I knew that was my subconscious. I ask " do you remember, we met before". She had a hard time recalling, so I continued " in my school, you where in the form of 5 girls," she had seemed to recall it, like a very old memory she was fond of. She goes, "I have a lot to teach you," where i excitedly reply "I always wanted to do more with my lucid dreaming". The younger of the two sisters stressed "you are not lucid" looking very concerned looking directly at me.

At this point, If you lost me here, I'm in a bed, surrounded by a foreign girl (my subconscious), and two sisters with years btween them. So I continue with my enquiries, "what can I do? I want to be able to communicate with people in my dreams and in real life they can remember". My subconscious smiled as if it were possible. Then I asked "is there other realms?". She replied confused in how to answer, "none that concerns you, but I visited two."- she said proudly. I was a tad confused, as I thought my subconscious was part of me. I continued "I have never been lucid this long!" The younger one of the sisters repeated "you are not lucid", with greater stress, and looking deep into my eyes, concerned. She told her older sister, "look at him". The older sister did as if there was nothing to be worried about. But when she did, she looked straight into my eyes, and she Also started to look concerned, worrying more the more she looked at me. The little girl purposely started to cry, and I teared up too. I didn't know why I was crying, maybe empathy? But the older sister started to cry too. And I was shouted "if your crying to make me cry stop! I can cry if I want to, Believe me I got loads of things to cry about. If you think me crying is best for me, then I'll do it okay!". The older sister told me to cry, worrying as if it were to do with my health as I was 'lucid' for too long. So I thought about my mother who passed away when I was little. And I cried from my gut. I was fading away, I knew they sort of tricked me to leave, she was whispered, "don't worry, everything is going to change now" and I left. I woke up. It was more like a memory than a dream. I had never been lucid that long. There faces, there mannerisms and genuine concern I remember so clearly. I remember every word, there was no time skips at all. I googled "janwar", I read this biography where a spiritual guy is recalling a dream where he was given that word as information about his ancestry. It meant 'animals of the night' in urdu/Hindi. He connected it to a family title of Vedic healers of old. It's a weird coincidence?

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