Told when i die

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Told when i die

Postby Tpspike » 30 Oct 2017 01:25

Ok im gonna start this of with the scariest lucid dream iv'e ever had so far. When i started LD i only played games when i was LD'ing etc. But now i was at work as it was a normal day, then i cut my self on both arms, so my boss drove me to the nearest hospital, when we arived dumb as i was i ask for the date and time. The nurse said the date and time and i remember it clear as the sky. The last thing she say it is: it the day you die and it went all black... wtf is that all about? Can it be the case ? Or just a lucid nightmare ? Im kinda freaked out over that dream :o any toughts around this ? ; :(

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LDer Charles
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Re: Told when i die

Postby LDer Charles » 30 Oct 2017 22:52

I once had a dream that a bunch of us were all in a high school football field and getting oranges in golf carts and then a huge bomb fell and the dream ended

That was a couple years ago and so far nothing like that has happened in real life unless it was metaphorical

But I woke up from that feeling as though it was very significant and I guess that means it has some significance

I don't know what yours means but if it feels significant in some way then maybe it has some significance even if it's not directly related to literally what the dream said maybe metaphorical or maybe just the dream wanted you to feel that emotion for one reason or another

Does that help any?

Also what really matters is what you think about the meaning of it so what do you think?
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