Increasing Level of Belief Through Water

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Increasing Level of Belief Through Water

Postby PKJacker » 03 Nov 2017 20:03

Alright I guess I'll start with the main principle behind this, which is using your own fear against itself in order to achieve positive results.

For a background story I once had days straight of a terrible nightmare, so bad that it was routinely pushed to the back of my mind to avoid even remembering it when I woke up. This nightmare was basically I'd have extreme pain in both of my ears, like a drill was going inside of them but even more powerful pain than that. It would happen for a second, then go away. When it was gone all I could think about was the fact that at any moment it would come right back and there was no way I could avoid it. Waiting for it to happen again was even worse than the actual pain.

One of those nights in the middle of the pain I had a breakthrough, if I could accept the fact that I was causing myself this extreme pain, then I can just as easily get rid of it. So I did just that, increasing the pain to a little higher of a degree first, then turning it off completely. I gained the knowledge that I could control it.

This is an extreme example which probably should only be done in dreams for your own sanity, but the principle still is here in the water trick.

So before starting, this is optional, but it might be good for you to start out by setting what you want to be changed for this exercise. One of these changes need to be negative, because the negative symptom will not only be way easier for you to induce, but also it will prove to your mind that the positive symptom(s) is possible to achieve.

So the first step is the ritual for the water.
The purpose of the ritual is simply to increase believability. It tells your mind that this is something that is really going to be happening, and gives you time to let it fully sink in. This is a big step here so give it some time so you can realize the full impact of what you are doing.
So the ritual can be anything, like how mages draw symbols and stuff, I generally meditate, prepare my mind, look at the water, kind of swish it around and stuff while looking at it as liquid lsd that's going to affect me so much.

Second step is the first sip. I generally make the water taste bitter and disgusting, but it's just personal preference, the main goal here is to make it taste like anything but water. If you feel like it might still taste like water, then react to the taste you wanted anyway and basically comment on how it tasted different. So like for me even if it tasted like normal water, my tongue would still recoil from it and it would be hard for me to swallow since it's so bitter.
Third step is swallowing and letting the negative symptom start up, let it increase to as strong of a negative feeling as possible, cause remember, you are the one controlling this, this is for you to learn just how powerful you are.

After it gets to an uncomfortable level, start manifesting the positive symptoms and there you go! The rest of this is going to be case by case so this is basically as far as I can go with the tutorial.
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