My soul leaving my body

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My soul leaving my body

Postby Marix » 06 Nov 2017 22:21

I was visiting a friend and she showed me all of her pets: 39 rabbits, 3 Guinea pigs, and 4 cats. Then a woman said she'd drive me home and I got inside her car. I told her to drive carefully and she said she always does and I don't have to worry. A few seconds later, she was driving on a huge bridge and then she lost control of the car and we both got catapulted out of the car and we were hanging on the edge of the bridge. She told me to let go off my bag or else I would die, but I didn't want to let go because all of my belongings were in the bag. The bag was too heavy though so me and the bag fell to the ground and as I was falling, my soul left my body and I could see myself dying. Then there was a time lapse and I was back hanging at the edge of the bridge. This time I threw away my bag and thus, I managed to pull myself up and get back onto the bridge. I didn't die. I got a second chance.

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Re: My soul leaving my body

Postby Kumiethelucid » 23 Mar 2018 17:07

Cheated death, huh?

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Re: My soul leaving my body

Postby JAD » 22 Apr 2018 13:30

Sounds like a warning to not be attached to your earthly possessions. Good advice.

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