Lucid Dreams turn into nightmare. Ideas why?

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Lucid Dreams turn into nightmare. Ideas why?

Postby hannesdre » 09 Nov 2017 14:03

Hi! My name is Hannes.

Ive been a really deep sleeper all my life and have had the craziest dreams. Recently I was introduced into the lucid dreaming world by accidentally falling asleep during the day and i had the most lucid dream ever, it was so pure and i was in awe of the things i could do and i felt like walking inside my brain.
The next day i watched videos on how to lucid dream and tried some methods. I fell asleep and saw a dream where i was on the backseat of a car that was racing and i wasnt wearing a seatbelt and the dream was scary and unstable.. I tried a method of trying to calm myself and say it's okay and calm down and im in control. When i did this my whole body started shaking and it was the most scariest feeling i had it was like I was starting to go out of my body and become paralyzed. In front of my eyes a sort of milky way kind of thingy started opening up and inside there was like another world.. it was so beautiful but so scary that i woke myself up.
Now I've been trying again and again, but everytime i know that in my dream I see a person and when i confront them that you dont have to act i know im sleeping the person goes serious and my dream becomes a nightmare where the person attacks me and i wake up screaming.
I tried again and it was like the dream was messing with me.. i knew that i was in a dream but the dream made me feel like i woke up and then made it look like the nightmare was real life. Very confusing but everytime, I see yellow eyes...

Does anyone have the same experience or knows what im doing wrong?
Thank you :/

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Re: Lucid Dreams turn into nightmare. Ideas why?

Postby Marte » 16 Nov 2017 22:08


I cannot say I have an experience that strong as you. I am very interested in shadow work, and I'm gradually learning from different teachers. I have heard one whom got a bad trip on LSD, and suffered from PTSD*. He got real hellish nightmares. He got cured from this nightmares because he faced them, just like you seem to do. It is a very brave thing to do. Maybe the only thing for some. Because it can be hidden aspect of your psyche that wants and needs to be seen. I don't think you do nothing wrong whatsoever. When I encounter dream characters with persistent Love and compassion, they totally change caracter. It is almost as they melt into something very heart touching. The first time I experienced this was a woman ignoring me. They seem often to be totally uninterested in me, the dream characters. And it annoyed me a little. I walked back at this particular woman, and I just said "hi, I know you may not like me. But I love you a great deal. We have only met a second, and I still have this tremendous Love for you." And I never forget the tender look in her eyes. She transformed completely. You may try to do something similar with those yellow glearing eyes of that dream figure whos encountering you. A cliche is that only Love can concer the Demons, but I guess it is a cliche for a reason. That the dream character attacked you sounds heavy. Remember, especially when your lucid, they cannot hurt you. Your body is lucid. You're just light.

Also, what you say about the beauty of the Universe; it might be that such severe beauty is scary because it is unknown for us. The more you explore, the more you might benefit. It sounds to me you have a great potential for inner growth and liberation.

* I might remember the details a little wrong. The teachers name is Charlie Morley.

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