The Violent Birthday Battle

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The Violent Birthday Battle

Postby RedKryptonite » 11 Nov 2017 17:20

WARNING - This dream is quite violent. The bully I talk about here is someone I actually fought(and defeated 8-) ) in real life. I don't carry any real life animosity for him anymore (He isn't a douchebag anymore as far as I can tell,he's been polite to me ever since) but because of the fight we had in the past (it was definitely one of the most intense experiences of my life),I semi-frequently have non-lucid dreams of fighting him again. Well,I have non-lucid dreams of fighting all of my past enemies,but he's the most frequent one. (Fortunately I almost always win these encounters :lol: ) This particular dream was one of my more violent dreams,but I felt it is worth sharing:

I was back in my old high school. I was walking inside the school premises when I encounter an all too familiar and unpleasant face; John. (the bully,I'll call him that here) He first tried to forcefully stuff some shit into my backpack,but I took them out and shoved them right back at him. I tried to walk away and get on with my day,but as I was about to enter the gymnasium(where we celebrate the flag ceremony),he blocked my path and after exchanging some harsh words,I finally had it and calmly and coldly told him(while staring into his eyes) "I hate you" before proceeding to physically attack him. I knew that I'm no match for him in a straight up brawl so rather than exchanging punches,I immediately closed the distance with the intention to wrestle/take him down to the ground(Like I did in our real life fight). As soon as I was able to clinch/grab a hold of him,I performed a Judo throw that slammed his head into the concrete floor. It was perfectly executed,I instantly knocked him out. He was laying there completely limp with his eyes wide opened,as if I had just killed him right then and there.

But oh,it doesn't end there. I was so angry at him that I grabbed a fire extinguisher and proceeded to hammer his face/head into the ground with all my might. After awhile of smashing him,I stopped and realized to my horror that I might actually end up killing the guy. (late reaction,dreams can be so strange. lol)
Unfortunately for me,the principal walked by and saw us. He questioned me and I told him the most of the truth of what transpired,and with a shocked expression,the principal asked "Wouldn't a normal human being stop as soon as you knocked him out?" (I lied to him about me reacting in fear when I started smashing the fire extinguisher on his head,I was afraid of what would happen if I told the truth about me doing it in anger)

In the end though,the principal was convinced of the little lies I told him to let me off the hook and I continued inside the gym. after the usual ceremony,everybody then started singing me a happy birthday. I had learned that my father actually requested this. Under normal circumstances,I would have been very happy about this event,but I was too busy worrying about the consequences when word gets out that I killed John and the likelihood that I'll end up in prison.


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