Being told future events in lucid dreams

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Being told future events in lucid dreams

Postby Flowering_tree » 12 Nov 2017 10:33

Hello everyone,

I just have joined this forum, as woke up from very long lucid dream where I could control Everything.. That happened first time that I actually could do whatever I wanted and indeed,I used that power for entire dream. I.managed to speak with my grandfather which was very reassuring.. :shock:
Anyway, I'm writing this cause that reminded me of one experience I had two years ago.. I strongly believe it has something to do with psychic skills. So. Two years ago I started to hear and see things in which somehow would become true later on in my life. That experiences made me get a book on developing psychic skills by famous medium.. Anyway, cutting long story short- around that time once i ended up having a lucid dream where my foster brother (who is alive and don't have much in contact) did say to me "grandpa is going to say bye bye on thrusday morning" :shock:
I felt it was lucid dream and once awake I asked my husband to check on his.father and I will check on mine (we have kids so "grandpa" seem to me like our fathers who are granpas to our two sons).. Later that day my dad said.he was fine but my husband's father said that my husband's grandfather was sent to hospital just now.. ( how could I forgot that my.hubby has.grandpa??!;-)).. So I.said to my hubby- he is going to pass away on thrusday morning.
Eventually grandpa state got worsen and on Monday they were told he is.going to die by Tuesday morning.. And I kept saying, no,it's going to be thrusday. Guess what?
He died early Thursday morning.
After this and few other day -time future seeing i got freaked out a bit..
Does anyone has similar future telling lucid dreams? Or someone is passing on you info during your dream?
Sorry for such a lengthy post.
Enjoy your weekend!

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Re: Being told future events in lucid dreams

Postby Phoenixbinder » 08 Jul 2018 14:33

While the dreams weren't lucid, I've had precognitive dreams for as long as I can remember. Almost all of them are warnings of negative events. The members of my immediate family have learned over the years that if I warm them of something that I've dreamed they need to listen. If they listen then they can avoid the trouble but if they don't the exact thing I dreamed WILL come to pass exactly as I dreamed it.

I've only ever been warned of death once in a dream and that's when my paternal grandmother died. I saw my grandmother, in a white dress, standing next to my deceased grandfather, and I knew immediately she was going to die. Interestingly enough, my cousin who died many years ago, dreamed of the exact same image of my grandparents just before he died.

Most, but not all, of my precognitive dreams came to me via dream guides. I would be shown what was going to happen and there was almost always a male and a female present who I had never met before yet somehow knew in the dream and who where not part of the dreamscape. If the information I was receiving was going to be troubling for me to see they would always be in the dream, I'm guessing for emotional support.

These precognitive dreams are the reason I've joined this forum. I'm hoping to become adept at inducing and maintaining lucid dreams in order to see if I can glean precognitive information at will while dreaming instead of being a passive participant. I've had some success cultivating lucid dreams in the recent past, enough so that I've been able to 'hunt down' and find the guide that presented to me as male and learn his name. Hopefully this experience is just a precursor to bigger and better experiences in lucid dreaming and learning and understanding the nature of reality.

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