A scene cut from The Invisible Man (1933)?/My Dad is Alive Again

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A scene cut from The Invisible Man (1933)?/My Dad is Alive Again

Postby Nickfan40 » 16 Nov 2017 05:02

I had this one on November 13, 2017:

I was in the 1933 movie, The Invisible Man and I was helping the villagers find Dr. Griffin (Claude Rains).

We come upon a farmhouse and look in the window. The shades are pulled up and we see a woman on a bed covered by a sheet, but her bare shoulders are exposed. She is acting like she's having sex, her head thrown back in orgasm, her arms are around someone, but we can't see who it is. We see a body under the sheet, thrusting on top of hers, but we can't see his face or head, just the shape under the sheet.

I can hear his voice whispering to her, but it's close to my ear, "I need to be inside you, to meld with you!" I shivered at the sound. He then moans and laughs. I hear one of the villagers say, "We've got him, now!" The scene fades before they kill him, though.

I am sitting in the living room when I see my father, who's been dead for a little over 3 years, come in and sit down. My sister comes up to the front door, knocks, and I let her in. I have a feeling that all will not go well and storm out of the room and onto the front porch where my mother is sitting in a chair. I am angry and say, "Why don't you make him leave?! He's been dead for over 3 years! Don't you know that? Why can't he leave us alone?" I have had other dreams about him being alive and have been either angry or confused each time. I wish I could stop him from coming back or ask him if he needs to tell us anything.

Before he died, there had been much confusion in the house. My father had been mentally ill for years, but refused to admit it and have therapy for it. He was the 5th of 11 children, his father was an alcoholic and wouldn't provide for his children the way he should have, and he and his brothers and sisters barely had enough to eat. I now believe this is what led to his mental and physical illness and caused the cancers that killed him. When the cancer went to his brain, he refused to go to hospice, preferring instead to call the police and social services and tell lies to them that my mother was beating him and starving him, which she wasn't. He even got my sister in on telling the lies and there were fights about it. I was a witness to everything, but no one wanted to hear what I had to say, the police threatened to arrest me if I didn't stop lying. My mother had to hide the knives from him, or he would chase us around the house with them. He refused to go to hospice after he was told that they would not give him a shot to kill him, and he was begging to die. He even tried to get me to give him an overdose of morphine, knowing full well that I would be arrested for killing him. This is why I hate seeing him in my dreams now. I had not resolved my hatred for him, after what he had done to me all through life, ignoring me and getting my sister everything she wanted, as if I were never born, and even telling my mother that I was not his child!

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