Can you dream of your soul mate?

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Can you dream of your soul mate?

Postby Marix » 16 Nov 2017 23:36

So I've been dreaming about this guy for years now, but I've never seen him before and all I know is what he looks like and that he's British. I'll briefly summarise some of these dreams. Here's one of the dreams:
I'm in central London walking down a street full of people. I'm looking for him, but I can't find him. A random guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting people. I try to run through the crowd. I can see him. He's on the other side of the street. I run towards him, he picks me up, relieved that I'm okay, and says "I love you so much".

Another dream is:
I'm trapped in a room not knowing how to escape. I know he will rescue me. He comes to save me and we run away from the people who kidnapped me. We hide in a house in the outskirts of London.

Another one:
I don't know where to go. He lives in a posh part of London - maybe Chelsea or South Kensington - and he wants me to stay with him and his sister for as long as I need to. His sister and I get along very well.

There are so many more dreams about him. He always seems to help me or save me, but he's definitely not a dream guide. Maybe the dreams mean nothing, but especially the first one felt so real, the emotions always feel real. How would you guys interpret this dream pattern? Do you believe in soul mates? Can I dream of people I haven't met yet?

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