a message for new lucid dreams about supplements

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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a message for new lucid dreams about supplements

Postby Juckles » 18 Nov 2017 00:25

quick warning this post has 1,399 words 7,194 characters but full of good info

dont go buy some pill that says it can help you lucid dream its best to learn to do it proficiently without a pill or herb and dont do it for dream recall
until you are already pretty good with dream recall and there are ways to do doing lucid dreaming better than someone using herbs and pills to be good at lucid dreaming they can be good and help those who can lucid dream but dont want to put the effort in to being amazing at it and want some help also there are some special kinds of herbs you can take to make you lucid dream instantly but i dont rec that so what i am going to do is give some tips and techniques on how to be a lot better at lucid dreaming

1 Visualization
this can help a lot with clarity and control so what can be done to get good at this is learn to mentaly do CEV without putting pressure on your eyes just mentaly doing it (CEV closed eye visuals) basically if you close your eyes and look closely you will see static you can colour it it takes time but you just got to learn to do it its like using a muscle you have no idea how to use eventually you can get better and better at it and make really good quality images so then when you dream you can use this skill to create things with ease theres a guy on this forum who did severely post on CEV (also dont forget to do CEV in a dark room or with a sleeping mask) also having this ability can be use to increase the clarity in dreams

2. Diet (just a little)
this is a short one but it will help a ton avoiding caffeine will help caffeine can shave 1 to 3 hours of rem sleep off which can get rid of 1 to 3 hours of dream time so avoiding stuff like coffee helps a lot

3. Awareness
this one can be a very powerful thing that that a lot of lucid dreamers dont know about but real life awareness can help SOOOOO much in dreams so what you do is example when you walk into your house think about how the house looks how the air smells and taste how the floor feels on your feet and how your clothes feel on your body when you do this enough to where you naturally do this it will fall into your dreams and you will notice things so much more and dreams making it A LOT easier to become lucid because you will think about your surroundings more

4. Better Dream Recall
so a lot of people will just say do a dream journal and thats it but theres more you can do to remember you dreams better besides using certain herbs pills etc so ill get to the point but theres a few things i want to say before i get to the answer for this one i think of non rem sleep dreams a garbage can for certain fragments of memory so if you tell your subconscious in your dream that you want to remember your dream you will but if that doesn't work you can do some subconscious reprogramming to have your subconscious not throw away your memory of your lucid dreams plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to do subconscious programming i might make a future post on it

5. Mixing Things Up And Even Make Something Yourself
one things a lot of people dont do is mix some techniques or even make a technique me myself i have made 2 techniques and i usually mix other techniques to help lucid dreaming example mixing the senses induced lucid dream wild and writing induced lucid dream but what can really help is making your own technique that works well example one of my techniques is DAILD daydream awareness induced lucid dream where you learn to have have lucidity in the moment of a really deep daydream while thinking about something totally different

6.Binaural Beats
most people allready know about this but some dont thats why i am mentioning this so one important thing is using binaural beats to get your mind into the right state can help a lot also make sure its a pure tone binaural beats or else it wont work dont fall for the dumb binaural beat music it wont help must be a pure tone ok so you wondering what type of binaural beat do i listen to get my brain in the right state before i do a technique for lucid dreaming well theta is a good one the others arent good for lucid dreaming a theta wave binaural beat is best

7. Meditation
you dont have to sit for hours with your sweaty finger tips smashed together in some painful full lotus position but meditation can help with lucid dreaming so what you do is sit down or lay down get comfortable and be focused really focused and stay relaxed and keep you mind clear if a thought comes up let it pass or push it away if it keep coming back keep letting it fade away but dont forget to be focused

8. Talk To Your Subconscious
this is mainly for asking questions and can be used to know yourself better and by doing this you can know what lucid dreaming techniques are best and is something pretty cool to do and a not many people do in their lucid dreams so to do it when your lucid dreaming say something but to the dream as a hole its bad to go to a dream charecter to talk to your subconscious becuase your subconscious gives that dream charecter a personality and a input to output filter so say something like hey how you doing but to the dream in a hole you can do that using intent expectation, intent and visualization are key things to making dream commands to work and work better

9. Dream Commands
some people know this some dont but you can say things to command you dream to do stuff like tell a dog FLOAT with intent, expectation and visualization it will float most people do things like increase lucidity and increase clarity what i like to do is summon a control table with a bunch of dials and switches to control stuff like that

10. Expectation
this is a key thing that lucid dreams havent gone far with or dont know
expectation is a really powerfull things in dreams your expectation can do a lot if you expect to find a magical wizard when searching in a dream with expectation of that you will find that magical wizard but one interesting thing is it can be done to find memorys that where forgotten theres other things needed to do that but the power of expectation is a lot

11. Intent
sometimes people only problem with control in a lucid dream is intent putting intent into your action thoughts and speach in a lucid dream can make the control go up a lot

12. Finding Lost Memorys
this is something i have discovered that i have never seen before on the internet using expectation intent visualization you can recover memorys lost it works for me i would love to see if it works for you guys ok so now to get onto the how to so first when a lucid dream visualize a chest the has a forgotten memory and do it with intent on finding it and expect it to happen then command your subconscious you will find this chest and it will have a forgotten memory and then start searching with intent while believing it you will find it expect it and visualize it

so i hope this will help all you peeps out sorry for my grammer i will be making more post, thats not all of the stuff i know i hope to help people lucid dream on this forum and in my brain is a huge amount of info that im glad to share over in this forum

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Re: a message for new lucid dreams about supplements

Postby Spooly1 » 25 Apr 2018 20:10

Excellent thank you

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