I broke my dry spell with super speed!

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I broke my dry spell with super speed!

Postby RedKryptonite » 20 Nov 2017 02:52

I finally broke my lucid dreaming dry spell today,and the resulting lucid dream was pretty awesome!

Method: WBTB + MILD
Supplements taken: Lucidimine

I did my nose pinch RC while laying on my bed and found that I have finally achieved lucidity! The first thing I did(after stabilizing my dream first) was will myself into outer space to reproduce one of my past lucid dreams:
I did this for about a minute until I decided to do something else,and so I willed myself back to my bed room. I went outside my house and started running. I willed myself to have super speed and it worked! I was running all over the neighborhood,it was great! I then saw a random couple and I decided to mess with them. I performed a stunt by ramming the wife with as great of a speed as I could muster :lol: . the man then got angry at me,and I roundhouse kicked him in the face as he tried to charge me. I then ran outside my neighborhood(at super speed of course,lol)and into the city.

While exploring the city,I then remembered to remind myself from time to time that this is all a dream,so I don't accidentally lose lucidity. while loitering,I then saw a police officer and decided to try and mess with him too. I started running towards(at normal speed this time)him yelling for help like a male damsel in distress,but before I got the chance to really talk/communicate with him,the dream ended and I woke up.


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