Hello new here :)

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello new here :)

Postby Veren » 23 Nov 2017 02:34

Hi I'm new to the forums. I've been an average/casual lucid dreamer since high school. I'm not as great though like everyone else. I have had a few lucid dreams in the past. I suffer from Depression, and anxiety/social anxiety. I've been bullied allot since elementary school, etc. I have found lucid dreaming to be a great tool for therapeutic reasons. And I have had some experiences before. Like one time I had a lucid dream that I thought I was awake, and realized I was dreaming where I walked out of my bed and into the kitchen and saw my neighbors cars flipped over. xD It was really weird. I panicked though and woke up when the room was spinning, etc. And woke up into my bed. My dreams could get really vivid sometimes. I have been suffering from anxiety lately. It's been getting kinda bad, I don't think I'll be able to set my lucid dreaming goals, for starters if I do have a lucid dream I'm afraid to explore the dream world because I'm not used to lucid dreams yet, sometimes I get really excited and forget to stabilize it, etc. I've also experienced DEILD before too. Few things you should know about me, I'm kinda embarrassed to be posting this here. For one, I have a MILD Cognitive learning disability, and sometimes when I try to learn new things I get pretty slow and distracted. When ever I want to recall my dreams and write them in my dream journal I just give up and forget, etc. Believe it or not I have recalled about 4-7 dreams before. And I sometimes do forget to do reality checks. I'm afraid that if I do something in the dream world. Something might happen. For example, I always have recurring dreams about High School. I was in a cafeteria and realized I was dreaming, and I became Lucid. I walked around and ended up in a hall way and said to my self "What's gonna happen a Clown gonna show up next?" And guess what? A Clown literally DID showed up. No joke it was a creepy experience, I can't believe how dreams can become really realistic and more vivid when you really do experience one. Too bad I get too scared to explore and have fun though. And I am a bit afraid of clowns. xD And I can be a negative person in my waking life too because I've been bullied allot, scared to talk to people, etc.

I think I find Lucid Dreaming pretty amazing. But when I try to set a goal to practice lucid dreaming it never really happens. And I give up, has anyone have anything familiar done that to them? And I am afraid to practice reality checks at home because I live with my parents and brothers and I live in a trailer too and I'm 26 and keeping a job when you got depression is rough. I heard you can use lucid dreaming to practice for your job interviews, ask women out on dates as rehearsal, etc. And when I DO remember my dreams I always forget to write them down.

I do own Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Dr Stephen LaBerge, and I also own digital copies of A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming a Gateway to the Inner Self in Kindle. If anyone has any tips for anxiety and Lucid Dreaming please let me know. ^_^ And if I said I suffer from depression I have Insomnia that keeps me awake etc anxiety at night and my sleeping patterns are WAY off balanced. I actually slept at night and the whole day and messed me up pretty bad. And I know Therapy sometimes helps but having issues with that. :( Was hoping I could get some help with all this here. ^_^ Anyways hope everyone welcomes me to the forums. I'm a pretty nice and laid back guy, I just want to improve my lucid dreaming skills. And when ever I do have dreams they are really creepy and more nightmarish, etc. And I've been meditating and notice when you meditate your dreams become more vivid, etc. And I have no idea on how to relax at night either. Thanks and have a good Thanksgiving/Turkey/Holiday for you guys who live in the States. ^_^ I believe that Lucid Dreaming can make you a better person and improve your self improvement skills and help you be more successful in life. :) And I do live in the past sometimes from traumatic experiences so I was wondering if Lucid Dreaming can help with that. Hope everyone would welcome me, have a great night/day/evening! ^_^

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