Can digital dream journals help you recall your dreams better?

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Can digital dream journals help you recall your dreams better?

Postby Veren » 23 Nov 2017 03:30

I just noticed something about digital dream journals. When ever you have them on your phone or on your tablet, I usually use Awoken or Lucidity app or the Dream Journal Ultimate App. I can always upload my dreams through Google Cloud and if I have to reformat my phone or get a new one they'll still be there, etc. But back on topic. If I write a dream down in the morning, on my phone. And write write the dream in my journal before I go to bed, I think that helps me recall my dreams more a little. Do you think that would be beneficial for someone who has a hard time remembering their dreams? I have like 25 dreams written down in one dream app I use for journaling and its uploaded to Cloud storage and if I re-read over them I sometimes remember them. Is this a good idea to remember dreams more for someone who has a bad time remembering dreams like me? When I try to remember my dreams the next day I always forget, but if I re-read over the dreams I have had in the past I always remember them. What do you guys think of this? Sorry if this came off as random, I have a hard time trying to keep a written journal and my hands get tired from writing, and I sometimes forget to write the dreams down. :( But just wanted to know your input if this is a good idea. Thanks. :) Like if I write my dreams down in a digital journal, I can write them down on my written journal later and try to remember them, etc. Sorry I'm pretty bad at describing stuff. :( I also use the Twilight app to help reduce the brightness to keep me from waking up in the morning. Thanks. :) Is this a good proper way to remember my dreams or is this just being lazy? Thank you. :)
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