Help interpret! Dream about being anaesthetised

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Help interpret! Dream about being anaesthetised

Postby Burto » 26 Nov 2017 03:14

Hey guys! So I just wrote down my dream into my dream journal and it has really got me thinking. It’s nothing like I’ve ever had before and think there is a larger meaning behind it. I hope some of you can help me interpret it or relate to it if you’ve had a similar dream! I will copy and paste my dream as I wrote in my dream journal:

So, I dreamt I needed to undergo surgery on my brain. I had something wrong with it and they needed to examine further. However, I do remember knowing that I hadn’t gone for MRI/X-Ray like they suggested, despite them going through with the operation. Anyway, I was all wired up on the surgery table, I remember my sister was by my side, and then I watched them put the needle in me. First, they would extract blood, then they would push the anaesthetic in and then boom! I remember the first hit clearly. I was trying my hardest to stay awake, as you do, and then I remember smiling and thinking, ‘here we go!’ And my vision went then slowly so did the sounds, until I was in blackness. The swirling colours were there too! I’m not sure how long this first hit lasted but not long after I remember watching them, as they thought I was asleep and were about to undergo the surgery until I spoke up and moved and said “is it a problem I can still do this?” Whilst I moved and they said yes, so in goes the next hit of anaesthetic and then the process repeated itself about 5 times, till I was knocked out on the fourth one and they said, “if we give her any more it could be fatal” so they gave me one last hit once again same process, and then I remember standing up and getting out of the bed and I was all floppy trying to walk so I held onto the bed and they sorta left me in the room and I woke up after that!

So that’s my dream! Please help me out I feel this dream has a lot more meaning, perhaps my shifting from waking awareness to my unconscious inner world?? And the fact that for like 3 seconds I could watch myself being operated on.. out of body experience?? So many questions some one share this excitement with me!! :D

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Re: Help interpret! Dream about being anaesthetised

Postby goldenrose » 29 Nov 2017 00:22

That sounds very interesting! Typically, hospitals, operations, and the like indicate an inner want for a shift in perspective, a change, or something of that caliber. From my personal experience, as I've had quite a few dreams like this, it signals some sort of awakening. Of course, dreams and their symbols are often personalized to the dreamer. A neat experience no matter how you see it, this dreams sounds like it was vivid :D
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