lucid dreamer all my life except past two years

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lucid dreamer all my life except past two years

Postby melle » 26 Nov 2017 05:12

My name is Melle and I am a thirty something year old female who has always been a natural for lucid dreaming. I had an eidetic memory to go with it. I also (still) have a knack for abstract reasoning. I started having OBEs when I was 18. I was scared the first time because I was dead, then after awhile it became commonplace. The past two years I barely have dreams at all. The past few weeks I have been able to recall dreams upon waking but still not lucid yet. I hear a strange ringing in my ears all the time. I am certain that it is electrical in nature but it has been a lot louder. I do not sleep well because I feel over stimulated. When I wake I feel out of it from not sleeping well. I am hoping to take back the awareness that I lost and if anyone has had similar experiences.

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