Village attack possible love story?

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Village attack possible love story?

Postby Bmaddox1994 » 01 Dec 2017 16:25

I belong to 1 house hold that every year a village tries to take. I appear in a field just shortly before. But this time was different I awoke on the side they come from with a girl from the "evil" village next to me, I wake up grabbing her running back to my family home. On the way there I lose her in the way and frantically aearch for her before "they" show up. when I get there we barricade myself in with family and the other from the village get in we fight and I am killed. Normally it ends there, this time I woke up in my dream alone in the house everyone is gone but me so I run some how knowing where the village is trying yo find her and I'm greeted at the door by someone who tells me to leave because they left me alive and no one must know. And I break down asking to see her and we finally do. And it's some fancy reunion deep intimate hug that seems to go on forever. A deep kiss. Pure bliss is felt. then asks if I know the village south by south west of worton Hampshire and to meet her there and I say yes. Me and the girl split ways as I head to hampshire thats when I woke up in a panic like I needed to go find her.. Idk what it means or anything but it's got me freaked out... cause I felt like I had actually died in my sleep...

I remember almost every detail of the girl and somehow know her name is katy.

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