How to create a dream from a kind of black void?

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How to create a dream from a kind of black void?

Postby Delarose » 03 Dec 2017 21:07

Hi I've been having lucid dream from 3 months now and yesterday I decided that I wanted to create a new dream. So once lucid, I decided that I wanted to visit Maldives so I clapped my hands (from the dream I was in) and I said "Maldives". Instead of what I wanted, everything went totally black. There was nothing. Since I'm afraid of darkness and didn't know what was happening, I decided to wake up. I probably should have been more clear to the dream but that's how it went. How do you "escape" that black void and create a new dream? I've read something in the book by Daniel Love, but I guess this was creating from a WILD. I don't know... do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advace

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